A Second ‘Britney Spears Episode’ Of ‘Glee’ Is Confirmed For 2011


The much ballyhooed Britney Spears Episode of Glee titled Britney/Brittany won’t air on Fox until Tuesday night but today we learn that a second Britney Spears Episode has been scheduled to air in the new year. AOL Music is reporting that the second Britney ep of Glee will air after Super Bowl XLV early next year and will, in fact, feature Britney herself in a sizable role:

Much like in the first season of ‘Glee’ when they dedicated an entire episode to Madonna, season two will have not one, but two episodes dedicated to Britney Spears. The first Britney Spears tribute — entitled ‘Britney/Brittany’ — will air as the second episode of season two on Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 8PM ET. Also like season one, season two will take a break over the holidays and resume airing new episodes in early 2011. ‘Glee’ will then return right after Super Bowl XLV with the second Britney Spears episode. Spears herself has been confirmed to make a cameo in an anesthesia-induced dream sequence at the dentist’s office for the first episode. While there is no confirmation yet about the second episode, considering it is set to air in such a high-profile slot after the Super Bowl, our guess is Britney will play a much larger role in the second.

Squeeeeee!! We are just days away from the first Britney Spears Episode of Glee and now we know when we can expect to see the next Britney ep! This is fantastic news. If there is one thing I’ve learned in this life, it’s that one can never have too much Britney Spears ;)



    BOW DOWN, BITCHES! Only legends get two tribute episodes. Well, two episodes in general, etc., whatev. Anyways, I’m pretty sure we can expect Britney’s new single near the Superbowl, then! I mean, it’s pretty obvious they’re going to do Britney’s episode for promotion… I can’t waittttttt. p.s. People are jealous.

  • I haven’t watched Glee yet but I see Glee merchandice EVERYWHERE. That means I need to add it to my DVR list…

    no little time

  • Bubblemint

    WOOT to the muthaf*ing Woot! living legend bitches! First time glee watcher come Tuesday and am sure am not the only one. Win win I say!

  • Kendra

    Yay! There’s just so much awesome Britney music! I knew they couldn’t do it all justice in one episode!
    @CHASE – I didn’t even think about that! Though I hate having to wait until next year for an album, it sounds like this is a perfect opportunity for her to promote it..Wheee!

  • Mike

    Amazing! This season of glee is going to be soooo good and it is going to get soo much better now! Love me some Britney. cough cough Living Legend!

  • nicole

    im sorry, but this is just too much. one episode fine i guess…but two? nah.

  • Mark

    I bet you she’ll be a judge!


    @Kendra – YASSSSSSSSSSS. I can totally see her new single dropping the first week of February to correspond with “Glee” and the Superbowl! And how EFFING awesome would it be if Britney performed her new single during halftime at the Superbowl?!?!?! It would be the biggest source of promotion and would be absolutely AMAZING for her single and her new album…and then the album out in March would be perfect. Srsly.

  • Jake

    I think this is just a rumor. I love Brit Brit but there is no way Brit will get a 2nd episode over Madonna who has 5x the backcatalog and amazing songs that would be perfect for Glee: Holiday, Material Girl, Into the Groove, Live to Tell, Cherish, Take a Bow, Music, Hung Up etc. Plus Ryan Murphy LOVEs Madonna. Britney is the Princess of Pop but Madonna is the Queen and in another league. I’d rather have an MJ, Janet Jackson or Prince episode to change it up over a 2nd Britney one.

  • michi

    thank you, Jake, for being a debbie downer.

  • XadaX

    @Trent: when you said “it’s that one can never have too much Britney Spears” did you mean Lady Gaga? BWAHAHAHA *joke!

  • XadaX

    Like Lady Gaga *I mean BWAHAHAHA *joke.

  • george

    its britney bitch…..all u hahers.effin hell to u…a legend only gets two episodes,..u rock britney ..love u

  • Eli

    what songs do you think they would do?

    im hoping they do:
    – oops i did it again
    – radar
    – womanizer
    – bombastic love
    and – freak show


  • i love britney spears music she is a really good singer is she going on glee then i hope so she will be good at it