‘Paranormal Activity 2’ Releases A New Viral Video


Back in June we got our first look at the first trailer for the upcoming sequel film Paranormal Activity 2 … today we learn that folks in the promo department for PA2 have unleashed a new viral video for the film in a very clever way. Here are a few screencaps from this new vid and an explanation from Bloody Disgusting that explains how the video was delivered:

There’s nothing more unsettling than coming home to see a strange package sitting at your door. No postage, just a return address. Opening with caution, inside I discovered a USB flash drive. What would happen when I plugged it into my computer? Was it a virus? Was it a blackmail letter accompanied by a bunch of photos of me gorging myself on peanut butter and Oreos? Nope, it was a viral video that’s clearly from Paramount Pictures’ Paranormal Activity 2 featuring a baby, a girl and a uber-creepy demon/ghost in one single frame. Scanning the video it became obvious to me that there are clues hiding within; so go forth, watch the video, and then post your discoveries below. It’s also worth noting that the return address was 40 University Dr, Rindge, NH 03461 — Franklin Pierce University. Any ideas? The file name was “FMLY4_01-21-58.mov” and the craziness occurs at 01:22:01AM. Maybe that’s a clue?

The clip is very short but it does give us a glimpse at what we can expect when Paranormal Activity 2 hits theaters in just a few weeks. After the jump, check out the vid and see for yourselves …

It appears that while the first film, Paranormal Activity, relied on building suspense this sequel will offer much more scariness in order to keep us interested. I’ve always been freaked out by kids in horror films … I’m thinkin’ this convention is going to be used here in Paranormal 2. I loved the first film, I really hope I will love the follow-up. I know this clip is very short but does it pique your interest? Are you skerred?


  • sc

    when I saw the first one I honesty didn’t sleep for 3 days straight but I’m sooooo excited for this one!

  • I didn’t think too much of PA1 but I’d seen it just after watching Blair Witch for the first time and the latter really freaked me out! (I’m always behind, like way behind on some movies! LOL!)

  • Ama

    So, for the trailer before the video starts(don’t know if it’s the same for everyone) Is an American re-make of a vampire movie called ‘Let the right one in’ if anyone is interested in seeing the American version(called
    ‘Let me in’) I suggest you check out the original version first. Because it is amazing and the best vampire movie I have seen in a long time. I don’t know how good the American re-make will be, but usually America does not do a very good job in re-making movies. Ha, ANYWAYS! sorry for rambling just had to get that out but onto the actual comment about this post:

    It was hard for me to really make a solid judgment for this movie, as the clip wasn’t really that long. The first movie honestly did not impress me or scare me at all, and I really didn’t get the hype about it. I will say that this one has caught my interest and I may just check it out to satisfy my curiosity.

  • Missy

    I definitely want to see PA2, but being prone to motion sickness, when it comes to the “handheld camera” shooting technique, I have a feeling I’ll be forced to wait until it comes out on DVD, like I did with the first one.


    This will probably be the funniest movie of 2010. I’m only going to watch it so I can laugh because there hasn’t been that many funny movies out this year. I can’t wait! : )

  • nicole

    PA1 sucked..too my hype around it.
    but this one looks like it could be better…sooooo i’ll give it a chance. maybe.

  • Joon

    @ Ama – I second that. “Let the Right One In” is a very good, well-done vampire movie.

    As for PA2, I don’t know … I’m a mom of two and I’m not sure I can watch kids in creepy movies like this. PA1 was good & kept me on the edge of my seat.

  • holly

    i think the first one was a let down. ending was like “oh… so thats it”

    2 looks a bit better,

  • Katherine

    Okay, the other trailer for this movie prompted me to watch PA1 today.
    Katie standing & staring for hours on end freaked me out! Can’t wait to see what they do with freaky kids…I hope they make the demon a bit more clever this time!

  • Maria

    PA1 was disappointing, probably because it was overhyped. (And I disliked the boyfriend so much that I was distracted by the thought, “Is he gonna die yet?”) It was interesting, but not as scary as most people made it sound like.

    Hoping PA2 will be somewhat scarier.

  • robin

    i didnt sleep well for months after the first one…not seeing this one..

  • toya

    I hate these movies, I don’t think scary background sounds, and home video footage is scary….BUT TO EACH HIS OWN.


  • SantaBarbaraBabe

    I was scared so badly from the first one.
    These small trailers for the 2nd one look scarier! :/
    Can’t wait to see it.