Watch: 1:20 Of The ‘Glee’ Version Of ‘Me Against The Music’


The EPIC Britney Spears Episode of Glee, titled Britney/Brittany, will air on Fox on Tuesday night (just 4 short days) but right now courtesy of, we get to check out a preview clip of the ep. In this 1:20 video, we see how the Glee version of Britney’s song Me Against the Music gets underway:

As you may recall, we saw a photo of Britney Spears herself on set when this ep was being filmed and she was wearing the Madonna costume from her Me Against the Music video … will she actually make a cameo in the clip when it airs on Tuesday night? I guess we’ll just have to tune in to find out. How awesome is this preview? I cannot WAIT to see Britney/Brittany … ugh, so excited!!


  • AJ

    Monday? i thought Glee was tuesdays? just wondering but oh man that clip went to fast! lol I started getting into it and then bam! its over, I love it, both Santana and Brit are amazing and I can’t to see them centerstage! AH cannot wait for this episode! :)

  • canaussiegirl

    Love that Heather Morris get’s to show off her dancing skillz. I am not the biggest Brit fan, but I am looking forward to this!

  • megan


  • LISA L

    I JUST saw this clip when Britney tweeted it! Sooo excited! I love Santana and Brittany!

  • SantaBarbaraBabe

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but that sounded like shit. I thought the Glee cast were supposed to be Incredible singers? That just sounded horrible. The dancing was good though… :P

  • Matt

    Glee is Tuesday! And the cast are incredible singers, but hello a lot of work/auto tuning has to be done to get them to sound like Brit obvs! CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Kendra

    Wow..Brittany looks just like Britney! I can’t wait!

  • Mike

    AHH I was just getting into the groove of watching Heather totally nail that routine, then it stops…..So can’t wait for this episode. It’s going to be amazing

  • nicole

    its kinda lame how the whole thing starts….but so far looks ok. Brittany looks just like brit geez.

  • Heather .B

    I was disappointed when I heard the full songs. I love Britney’s songs and these are just lame covers of those. I dunno, I wanted to see them rework the songs…do something with them at least. Not Glee karaoke. :op

    • @Heather .B — Glee is karaoke. They don’t remake the songs, the duplicate them … with autotune.

  • mimi

    i actually think heather sounds great even though she was cast for dancing. naya sounds good too.
    given the fact that not ALL the glee cast is “supposed” to be “amazing” at singing (i dont know why people think this, they did bring in people like naya and the other minor characters to really round out the fullness of the voices together but got solos due to their character popularity) – i think heather and naya did pretty damn good.

  • Smoo

    the cover sounds horrible. like really bad. The dancing is good though

  • lydia

    LOL its john stamos

  • @Trent – I think thats an unfair broad statement about Glee in general. I mean sure, Glee is karaoke in that they usually just do covers, but they do have real singers that don’t use auto-tune like the actresses that plays Rachel and Sunshine Corazon.

    • @Malbano — Nope, every singer on Glee is tuned in final production. Guaranteed. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, no TV show would ever put nonproduced vocals on the air.

  • periz

    @malbano everyone is autotuned on glee, thats not to say that they dont have great voices already but they make the voices perfect for the show.

  • AmyM