Madonna Launches Her ‘Material Girl’ Clothing Line . . . Again


Last month Macy’s Department Store in NYC hosted a launch event for the release of Madonna’s juniors clothing line called Material Girl. Last night, Macy’s Department Store in NYC hosted another launch even for the release of Madonna’s juniors clothing line … because Madonna can do whatever the Hell she likes, I suppose. Here are photos and some deets from the MG re-launch last night:

It was a night of lace tights, skirts, and mother-daughter bonding for Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon, 13, as they celebrated the launch of their Material Girl clothing line Wednesday night at Macy’s Herald Square in N.Y.C. Despite being a fashion icon, Madonna was content to take a backseat when it came to choosing the items for the Material Girl girl. “Lola did most of the work. I just kind of hung out in the background and went, ‘That’s nice,’ but she pretty much did all of the work. I was just overseeing it,” she said. But when your mom is Madonna and you’re creating a fashion line for teenage girls, it isn’t always that simple. “There are some definite pieces [inspired by my mom]. The tulle skirt because that’s like her thing—she made that. The necklaces, the gloves, the lace tights, the combat boots…that tough girly thing,” Lourdes told PEOPLE. As for the items in Mom’s closet that she covets most? “All of her shoes are ridiculous! I love to try on her [Christian] Louboutins,” she said. Also on hand for the celebration was Material Girl face Taylor Momsen. “It was such an honor to be chosen by Madonna and Lola. They’re such talented people and I’m just ecstatic,” gushed the Gossip Girl star. The night concluded with the three ladies gathering on the fourth floor of Macy’s, as dancers performed and a DJ spun many of Madonna’s songs. “Lola has been so inspiring and it’s been so great to watch her focus, her determination.” Madonna said. “I’ve achieved many things in my life, but I have to say watching my daughter make her dreams come true and achieve her goals is more exciting than anything I’ve ever done.”

Maddy, Lola and Taylor weren’t the only ones in the hiz last night … so, too, was Madonna’s eldest son Rocco John. After the jump, check out a photo of Rocco entertaining the crowd at the Material Girl launch even last night as only he can do …

Aww, Rocco is a cutie … it’s cool to see that he had fun. Both Lourdes and Taylor look so miserable in their photos that you’d think they hated their very existences and were forced to attend last night’s launch event. It’s unclear if Madonna plans to launch her Material Girl line every single month but I wouldn’t put it past her. I guess we’ll have to see if she decides to do this all over again in October.

[Photo credit: X17, Wireimage; Source]

  • debho

    If I looked like Taylor Momsen I’d be depressed too. Those racoon eyes are just not attractive. Actually, they all look like that come from the Addams family. Scary shit.

  • halifaxhoney

    Taylor Momsen looks terrible. Wash the awful make up off her face and shampoo her hair. I believe she thinks it makes her look edgy/older. She just looks silly.

  • johanna

    i’m so over taylor momsen and those horrible eyes! what is wrong with that girl. all these girls want to be so different that they go to these extremes and just end up looking worst and annoying everyone in the process!

  • krissy

    I am cracking up thinking of pouty grumpy Taylor saying, “I’m just ecstatic” with her scowly face on. She does know what that word means, right?

  • Mariah

    Lourdes looks just like Madonna and Rocco looks just like Guy. Rocco’s going to be a very adorable and very cute adolescent/man one day.

  • Mariah

    …And Taylor Momsen looks just like she just walked out of the morgue.

  • Jen

    LOL @Krissy, I was thinking the same thing!

  • Lori

    I’m sure all the real designers will b fascinated to know Madonna created the tulle skirt! So funny.

  • Me

    @ Trent- have you heard all the new Madonna music that has been leaking in the past few weeks? What do you think of them?

  • jessica

    I was shopping in seattle a few weeks ago her line was VERY price reduced.

  • Oh for heaven’s sake, Taylor Momsen needs to step away from the eyeliner.

    And both of those young girls need to SMILE already. They don’t make me want to dress like them (or let my daughter dress like them) because they look so miserable…

  • periz

    taylor looks skanky. not gonna lie.

  • toya

    When has Madonna ever “hung out” in the background before? LOL Why do I feel Mother Dearest flashbacks when I see Lourdes with her mom. o_O

  • Misswow

    I’m not a fan of Taylor but people need to give her a break…she’s a teenager they do these things! When i was 15 i bleached my hair blond lol I’m black it was not a good look…most of us went through stupid phases (just not in front of cameras)….I’m sure some of u wore way too much blue eyeshadow in the 80’s lol

  • Panti Christ

    I hear that Taylor Momsen is just the first in a murder (think crows!) of celebrity models. Lined up are big names such as Robert Smith, Marilyn Manson and everybody’s favorite Mistress of The Dark – Elvira! There is to be an upcoming photo shoot in the county morgue and a commercial to be taped in the cemetery! Free gift with purchase, too – your very own big fat stick of black eyeliner – so you can spend less time lining and more time frowning!!!

  • MiKiE

    Actually there is tons of photos of Lourdes and Taylor smiling/laughing/scowling/looking annoyed… this is just the photo that Trent picked. Calm down people lol they’re teenagers and have you ever considered how your eyes must feel with all those flashing bulbs? I’d probably scowl just from my eyes hurting.

    • @MiKiE — DRATS! You foiled my evil plan!!! Thanks a lot, MiKiE!!

  • mimi

    dont worry trent, i tend to think taytay’s face is just frozen into a skanky, scowling kind of look. wouldnt be surprised.

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