‘Glee’ Releases New Promo Photos From The ‘Britney/Brittany’ Episode


Yesterday we got our first look at a promo video for next week’s episode of Glee titled Britney/Brittany. As you may be well aware, that promo video was chock full of both Britney and Brittanyness. Today we get to see a batch of promo photos from the ep that feature neither Britney nor Brittany … but do give us our first look at new castmember John Stamos … behold:

These photos were posted to the official Facebook profile page … which means that we may have other promo photos to look forward to over the next few days. As much as I am ALL about the BRITNEYness of the ep, I’m glad to see that next week’s Britney Spears Episode will be fortified with a full storyline. We already know that the Britney performance scenes will be fantasies induced in the character’s brain by laughing gas in a dentist’s office (Stamos’s character) so these promos give us a tease in that respect. We also see that Artie’s quest to join the football team will continue in next week’s new ep. We are just 4 days away, people … just 4 more days :D


  • Allie

    I’m so excited about Britney but I also can’t wait for John Stamos! I still think he is dreamy! Uncle Jesse FTW!!!!!

  • nicole

    John Stamos!!!!!! this seems like the kind of show that he would fit right in.

  • jessica

    Mr. Stamos looks like he needs another 5 pounds.

  • I think this will be a great episode! I love how they re-create everything. It will definitely be one to watch!