Watch: ‘Glee’ Releases A Promo Clip For Their ‘Britney Spears Episode’


Last night on Fox, Glee kicked off its second season in fine fashion but for me the highlight of the episode came at the end … when the preview trailer for next week’s much-anticipated Britney Spears Episode was shown. Here are a few screencaps from the first promo video released for next week’s episode of Glee titled Britney/Brittany:

This preview clip confirms that next week’s ep of Glee will feature the Britney Spears songs Me Against the Music, I’m A Slave 4 U, Baby … One More Time and Toxic … which thrills me to no end! And while this preview video shows no hint of Britney Spears herself, who we know will appear in the ep at least twice (HERE and HERE), it is a clip that MUST BE SEEN. Check it out in full, after the jump …

Squeeeeee!! I am so excited!! I agree that next week’s ep of Glee will be the shows “biggest showstopper ever”. I cannot WAIT!! How awesome does this ep look? Woot!!


  • mark

    So excited, can’t wait for next Tuesday to get here! Rumor has it that there might be a new Britney song during the episode!

  • Charliane


  • Kendra

    I let out a little “Wheeee!’ when I saw this promo, even though my sister made fun of me for the rest of the night..It’s going to be so good!

  • dana

    *heart stops*……….. must. watch. this.episode.!!

  • Max


  • Winona

    To be honest, I really wasn’t looking too forward to this episode, but the sneak peek has changed my mind – looks like lots of fun and FINALLY a chance for Heather Morris/Brittany to break out!

  • I was DYING when I heard I’m A Slave 4 U coming on. This is going to be so good!

  • nicole

    i love that Brittany will be the focus this time.. she makes the show…and im glad for more then her one liners.
    hopefully this episode will end up better then yesterdays

  • D

    It looks like Toxic’s gonna be a hot and sexy dance routine !
    I can’t waiiiiiiiiiit !
    Wonder why Sue seems so angry though… Is it because she owns Britney like it was the case for Madonna, or because she thinks B’s a bad example for kids…?

    Anyways, I can’t wait for this air. I mean. I’ve gotta be honest, this looks like one of Glee’s best episodes ever. And Glee’s one of the best shows ever. So that’s sayin’ something, right ? lol

  • OMGGGGGGG this next episode will NOT be here soon enough!!!!

  • Nicola

    The first episode of the new season was awesome, looking forward to the next episode for sure :)


    ARE THEY TRYING TO BUTCHER HER SONGS ON PURPOSE?!?!?!?! I mean, judging by those little sound clips they sound HORRIBLE! Are they trying to mock her on purpose? I thought people on this show could sing or something… If this screw up my wifey’s episode I will write a letter and it won’t be pleasant, either.

  • LISA L

    @Chase- I was thinking of the same thing! Whoever was singing the songs (I’m guessing the Brittany and Rachel characters) does not have the right voice and the songs sound awful! I hope it’s better than the episode airs.

    On the other hand….. I have been waiting for this episode ALL SUMMER LONG! Sooooo excited!!!!!! And they have two of my favorite Britney songs: I’m a Slave for You (love the choreography by Wade Robson and Brian Friedman) and Toxic! Whoo-hoo!


    @Lisa L – SRSLY!!! They sound like…well, shit! Alsoooooo, I don’t like how they put “horror” in the last clip because it sounds like “whore” as if they did that on purpose as well. Fucking Glee.

  • Amanda J

    I agree the clips were BAD. :( I hope it’s good though. I occasionally watch, but I definitely plan on watching, because I love Britney!!

  • Rigo

    Thanks for getting the word out and having people join my FB campaign to get her on. xxoo

  • Sam F.

    I’ve tried watching Glee but then realized that I kept skipping the musical numbers…

    I just can’t help but notice that most songs they cover just don’t measure up to the originals, and quite frankly some of the singers tend to butcher perfectly good songs.

    Am I the only one who thinks the Finn guy is a mediocre singer at best?
    Am I missing something here??

  • Joan

    Oh, here we go! Britney fans, don’t get too sensitive about the episode. Remember what type of show is Glee. No one is trying to make fun of Britney. Don’t take it personal.

  • tracy

    Wow. You people are a bit ridic. It looks like a lot of fun and glee is always so entertaining. If you are offended feel free to not watch but I am soooo excited for this and it looks and sounds great as always. Can’t go wrong with glee.

  • mimi

    i think some people set the bar just a tad bit too high ;) chill out, it looks fun!
    heather looks amazing in the clip as brit brit.
    ive enjoyed glee covers more than some originals (bust your windows was one in particular, mercedes killed it, way better than jasmine sullivan’s version).

  • Bexy