Zac Efron & His Beard Stalk Australia

Kinda creepy

Late last week Zac Efron and his beard showed up in London, England after they showed up in Spain after he officially debuted the look in France and today we learn that Zac & beard have taken their world tour down under to Australia. Here are photos of Zac lookin’ a bit like a creepy stalker as he made his grand arrival in Sydney over the weekend:

GAHHHH … I’m sorry … I just can’t get on board the beard train. Just when I think the new look like be OK she goes and starts lookin’ like a creepy stalker man. This image of Zac is what I imagined the knife-wielding crazy guy who tried to break into Paris Hilton‘s home a couple of weeks ago might look like. I’m all for Zac Efron trying to look more manly but … I draw the line at stalker chic. Blech.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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  1. Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    Zac, I will be in London in a few short weeks please wait for me! Beard or no beard I will show you a stalker:)!! I am sorry, this young man can do no wrong!!

  2. Belu

    He’s growing the beard for a new role, Trent

  3. Poppy

    A couple of my guy friends were hoping Vanessa was the only beard he’d ever have. ;)

  4. Val 2.0

    What, no Unibomber sketch with a “Bitch stole my look!”? I am a sad monkey.

  5. debho

    He was on Sunrise yesterday morning (morning TV show like The Today Show) and he seemed a little overwhelmed. Maybe it was the hundreds of screaming crying (why do they do that?) girls in school uniforms outside the windows. lol

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