Sandra Bullock Hangs With The Boys In West Hollywood


A few weeks ago Sandra Bullock made her long-awaited return to the public spotlight when she appeared on The Today Show to talk about her new baby son Louis Bardo as well as the somber 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Last night, RadarOnline informs us that Sandra ventured out in public again but this time she did so here in SoCal … in West Hollywood, CA more specifically … at The Abbey in particular. Here is a fun photo of Sandra and a scantily clad male dancer at the bar last night:

Come on, Sandra — it’s OK to take a peek! The Blind Side star seemed to be taking a blind eye to some hunky ‘man-candy’ at The Abbey — a popular gay bar — located in the heart of trendy West Hollywood, and has the brand new pics. The Oscar winner seemed to be enjoying herself on the couch late Thursday night, chatting with some pals as the bar’s scantily-dressed go-go boys roamed the establishment, entertaining its patrons. The new mom left the bar around midnight.

Atta girl … when life gets you down, you go to a gay bar and whoop it up with the hotties! My guess is that Sandra got dragged to The Abbey last night but, then again, it’s possible she went there of her own volition. Britney Spears is known to visit The Abbey every now and again and Dame Elizabeth Taylor shows up all the time. It’s nice to see Sandra out and about and having a good time again … I wonder if she’ll be hanging out in West Hollywood any more this weekend.


  • Manderz

    in regards to that hunky dancer in the speedo….ask him about his what!?!? his what!?!? don’t leave me in suspense!! i wanna know what to ask him about!?

  • All I can think of is Jonah Hill running around in a hot dog suit in Accepted screaming “Ask me about my WEINER!!”


    He has no ass!