Brad Goreski Poses For Terry Richardson Once Again


Back in May we got to see a beefcakey photo of Brad Goreski, junior stylist BFF of Rachel Zoe (as featured on The Rachel Zoe Project), when he was chosen as the Hot Dude of the Week. As you may recall, Brad was photographed by Terry Richardson and looked surprisingly good. Today we get to see a few new photos of Brad in all his shirtless wonder in a new series of photos shot by Richardson. First, here are photos of Brad after he left Terry’s studio in NYC earlier this week:

As you might expect, Brad did strip down — once again — in front of Richardson’s camera but he did manage to take a couple photos with his shirt on … like this one:

But we all know that the real draw is the semi-nekkidness. Check out those photos, after the jump …

Yeah, I don’t get it … Brad really does not look all that sexy hot, IMHO, when I see him on TV. But his sexiness does go up a notch when he loses his shirt. I have to say, the photo we saw last Spring was much hotter because it was so unexpected … these photos are fun and cute but, well, we’ve already seen it all before. I’m not sure if Brad fancies himself a model but I’m thinkin’ he should really hang on to his day job.

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source, Source]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I think brad is sexy on the show. I don’t know why, maybe cause he is kind of dorky! HOLY SHIT THOU…when did all this happen underneath his clothing!!! WOWZA!!! I need a piece of that stat!

  • Gragfeo

    Does NOTHING for me – don’t get it.

  • Dominic

    talk about self indulgent, him and the photographer

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    He is hot.He is the only reason I watch the show.Other than him the rest are blah including Rachel and Rodger and all the other maniquins.

  • Kammie

    is anyone else REALLY creeped out by Terry Richardson’s need to photograph everyone shirtless…and wearing his glasses? Or by the man himself?

  • Vic

    While Brad is super cute, Terry Richardson is predictable and a total snore.

  • mimi

    brad is HOT! on the show and in these pics.
    terry is a total creep though, all the stories floating around about him are just a huge worry.

  • Jessika

    who knew that body was under those bow ties.

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