Nick Cannon Releases A Diss Track For Eminem


The epic feud between Eminem and Mr. & Mrs. Cannon (namely Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey) has been reignited this week with the release of a new diss track titled I’ma Slick Rick unleashed by Nick against Em. As you may recall, Mariah Carey was still peeved at Eminem for releasing embarrassing audio of Mariah which he recorded when the two of them were romantically involved a few years ago … as a result, she seemingly mocked Em last year in her music video for Obsessed (implying that he is “so obsessed” with her). In retaliation, Eminem released a diss track titled The Warning where he threatens Mariah with the release of nude photos among other things (you can read all about and listen to The Warning HERE). This week, a little over a year after Em released The Warning, Nick releases a diss track of his own where he accuses Eminem of being so “feminine” that he has to hide behind his bodyguards — then he refers to EmTeddy Ruxpin” … or some such nonsense. Still interested? Read on:

A little over a year after Eminem released the scathing diss track “The Warning” aimed at Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon has responded with a diss of his own. Cannon, who is Carey’s husband, dropped “I’ma Slick Rick” yesterday (September 12). Over the beat of Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How To Dougie,” Cannon borrows Slick Rick’s cadence, delivery and flow. The song parlays lyrics from such Slick Rick staples as “Children’s Story” and “La Di Da Di.” Only the second verse of the song, which clocks in at under three minutes, is directly aimed at Shady. “I dunno if I should hit him cuz he’s feminine, Slick / Excuse me, Eminem, but why you lyin’ on your dick? / Erectile dysfunction, you want to get a lump, then? … / I see your mouth moving, but you’re soft, Teddy Ruxpin” In the song, Cannon claims that Eminem was afraid to confront him at the BET Awards, where he claims Shady was surrounded by security, whereas he was “rollin’ dolo.” Also notable is Cannon’s use of the N-word, as the rapper has generally maintained a clean-cut image.

While I can appreciate and understand Nick’s need to defend his wife’s honor, I can’t help but feel that this new diss track is a year late and a dollar short. Obvs, Nick still harbors resentment for Eminem over his treatment of wifey Mariah but why dredge up the past like this in order to reignite an old feud? It’s been a year, dude … move on. But, I can’t lie … the fact that Nick is fighting back in this way is a bit entertaining to me. After the jump, check out Nick Cannon’s new diss track I’ma Slick Rick to hear his figthin’ words for yourselves …

I gotta say … I find this whole feud very comical. I’m actually curious to see if Eminem will take the bait and will fire back. Having released the best album of his career now that he is in sober recovery, I wonder if Em still wishes to take on these sorts of feuds head on anymore. My guess is that yes, he will fire back … the question remains, just how far will all of this go.

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  • nicole

    i like Nick and all….but he should have just let this rest. but lets face it..other then him marrying Mimi…this feud kept his name out there. and whats worse…is this song is horrrrrrible…i mean if your gunna go after Em…you gotta come at him correct. a part of me hopes Em just lets it go, stick with what he said about letting this all go….but then i kinda hope he comes and puts nick in his place

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    Nick Cannon, I mean Captian Douchebag doesn’t have what it takes to go after EM. The only reason he released this crap of a rebuttal against EM is so he can garner some press outside of being known as MIMI”s Bitch! Sorry Nick but you are and always will be MiMi’s bitch toy and just cause she put a ring on it doesn’t change that simple fact! Team EM here!!

  • Sabrina

    this sounds like the attempt of a little man trying to defend his woman…. but fails. seriously, it’s been a year. i’m sure eminem didn’t even give this feud a second thought for the past year.

    move on little man.

  • Kammie

    Is it bad that I can’t wait to see if Em will react? Simply for the fact that when he does it’s funny as hell. The man is a lyrical genius, and I think it’s foolish of anyone to try to take him on in the field he’s best in. Nick doesn’t stand a chance and he’s already come out looking like the dumbass in this.

  • Mariah

    Ummm GET OVER IT. Everybody on the planet is over it so you should be too, Mr. Carey. Sheesh…

  • Amanda

    OMG I am so loving Mr Gyllenhaal response. Well said Sir. I think Nick Cannon is retarded. Everything about him gets on my nerves. For some reason for me it just got worse when he married Mariah. I also agree with Kammie about Em being a “lyrical genius” Nick could never be on the same level as Em. It’s like comparing sex to trash collecting. I mean seriously which would you rather?

  • ash

    Nick, if em decides to fire back, u WILL NOT win this battle. Ur retarded an so is ur wife. Realize that. I didnt even listen to this video, but from just reading the words, i dont need to bwhahaha!

  • ella

    A year late and a dollar short indeed. Remember OVER A YEAR AGO when Nick Cannon was all “if you mess with us you’re gonna be the guy who lost to corny-ass Nick Cannon”?
    … then he waits until Eminem announces that he’s done talking about Mariah to release this. I guess hoping that he can diss Em, Em will ignore it and then he’ll look like a big man or something? Jesus… get over it already!!!

  • Nathan

    This is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. Nick is capable of so much better when it comes to music. Did he make this at home on his personal computer?

  • Val 2.0

    If Em responds, Nick’s next song will be called “Oh, THAT’s How You Do It (Sorry, Em).”
    Of course, no one will give a crap about that one either. ;)

  • Dawn

    Why anyone would engage in a battle of lyrics/words with my boy Em is beyond me. One of things he does best is anger and bitch slapping.

    One part of me wants Em to not even give a nod to this drivel and the other part wants him to have at it.

  • kristy

    Ohhhh man!! i cannot WAIT to hear what eminem bitch slaps this fool back with. eminem is without a doubt THE best rapper in the game and this song was just sooo terrible.
    i mean eminem JUST recently said that he was done talking about the whole mariah carey situation and only now, a year later, does this kid do something about it? not only is it too late.. it SUCKS!

  • nicole

    @Dawn – i know right? who goes and willingly puts themselves on Eminems radar?

  • periz

    wow. that was awful. if your going to get in a lyrical fight with em you have to bring it. that was NOT bringing it.

  • Carmen

    for God’s sake, whether the song sucks or not, at least he stood up for his wifey.

  • love it

    Defend ur woman Nick. Show Eminem who is Boss!

  • Blaire

    Awful!! Could he not find something clever to come up with on his own, that he had to use other songs?

  • jadedkitten

    Lmfao I’m so embarrassed for nick right now, what is this weak shit, is it Eminem he’s try to have a lyrical battle with or soulja boy…

  • Kammie

    In the words of the Real Slim Shady “Sayonara, try tomorrow, nice to know ya” Nick!

  • Cinger

    Nick canon is weak.. hes doing it bc hes jeleous hes a noooobody.. Even on his radio show all he can talk about is emeniem get over it !! You host a mornign show everyone knows you bc of your wife.. so ems got a new amazing concert going on and your job bc ur a cbs radio is to promote the shit out of it. BE A MAN AND DO YOUR JOB WITH OUT BITCHING EM moved on so has YOUR WIFE YOU SHOULD TOOO!! this just made me lose all respect for you!

  • Dawn

    @nicole – no one who knows any better that’s for sure! lol

    I think Nick actually thinks this makes him all manly. Bless.

  • Kim

    omg… i’m having flashbacks to “Y’all Ain’t Ready” by K-fed.


  • Sarah

    Nick Cannon is a joke. What a dumbass… someone get him off the airwaves all together.

  • Brittny Doll

    Em doesnt need to send out another diss track he just has to do what he said if ever provoked again.

    Lets see the proof Em of these nude pics and other things.

    He wont have to say a word just release the info and make Mimi and Nick look real bad for trying to push it.

  • steffa

    i agree with everyone. i cant stop laughing…. SERIOUSLY?! why would you do this… on purpose?! its not even fiery, angry, the beat… no. no. no. i cant decide whether i want em to stay quiet or respond though… i think i want him to respond. cause i dont want nick cannons stupid ass thinking he won.

  • Sarah

    Nick Cannon is like that stupid kid in 6th grade who thinks it’s funny to moon people out the bus window. Sure, it’s funny to the other 12 year olds, but everyone else just thinks you look like a dumbass… I dno’t think Nick has ever gotten passed his 12 year old phase. Grow up kid!

  • phil

    em should make a diss track and show da photos. but seriously y nick u jus commited career suicide

  • Ashley

    Nick has got to go. He is such a LOSER. Why oh why did Mariah ever marry him? She is to good for him and this proves it. If Mariah is not pregnant she needs to kick him to the curb.

  • phil

    em should put da pics out and make a diss track. seriously nick u suck and since u tried 2 go at em u hav jus commited career suicide

  • dana j

    on drugs or sober, Eminem can run rhymes around Nick any day of the week. Even Em has said that he’s done with all the crap he’s started and put out there including the Mariah thing, he doesn’t want to go that route again and here comes dumbass Nick with this wack ass shit. when The Warning came out Nick said on twitter ” I’m going to be the bigger man and not engage in this foolishness anymore”. and it took him A YEAR to answer Em’s Warning?? does Nick think his Nickelodeon money is going to protect him from Em?? if Nick had any sense he would have just let this shit roll off his back and go about his business and wait for the birth of his baby or cake in mariah’s stomach whatever bitch is big right now.. ANYWAY, Nick you can’t rap, never could never will. Em’s got this and UNLESS you got a track with The Game and other people em has screwed over and did one massive diss mixtape Em will STILL make you look like a bigger fool than you are.

    and yeah I’m waiting patiently for Em to respond to this shit. (and why isn’t Nick going after that dude who’s releasing the book about his affair with mariah, the producer guy? he’s doing a tell all about her and Nicck’s not worried about THAT but worried about Em, see where your priorities are, dumbass)

  • sophie

    Just Leave them Alone

  • woz

    if em decides to waste time on this chump he will have nick in the conor cryin after he hears whatever em puts out

  • ray h.

    Wow I mean seriously that’s likethe worst dis ever he had nothing on what EM’s “THE WARNING”

  • Sounds to me like Nick is just trying to pick up on what’s big right now. Eminem is on top of the world for the moment. Where is Nick Cannon? Busy being irrelevant and sucking on some Mariah tits. He probably wouldn’t have released anything at all if Em wasn’t THE THING right now. Nick Cannon will ride on anyone’s wave that he can. It’s gross, really.

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  • Wow he waits over a year to diss him back thts rly stupid hte cant mess wit Em,it has been over a year but Em hasnt dissed back but I hope he still does

  • My ass dont hurt from dickridin

    The Fact still stands that Eminem hid behind his bodyguards and did not want a physical confrontation with Nick.
    What a gutless coward!!!