Zac Efron Is Rockin’ His Brawny New Look


Yesterday we got our first look at Zac Efron’s sparse tragically thin facial on the red carpet at the Deauville American Film Festival in France this weekend … today we get another look at Zac’s chin pubes on the red carpet at a photocall in Madrid, Spain for his film Charlie St. Cloud. Curiously, Zac’s outfit made it seem less like he was a film event and more like he was auditioning to be the new Brawny paper towel man:

Hee hee … even with the facial hair, Zac does not look brawny enough to be the Brawny man. OY! I am still not feelin’ the beard and ‘stache … maybe it still needs to, ahem, grow on me but one thing’s for sure … it DEFFO still needs to grow on him.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    This boy is still so FINE!!!!!!

  • ab

    hmm … the beard makes him look a bit rounder in the face, I think that’s what’s throwing me off. and maybe the lighting? he looks okay in the last pic, bottom right.

  • nicole

    i perfer him with the facial hair…only cause its makes him less pretty..and a tad more manly.
    either way…i still dont find him hot *shurgs*

  • Amanda J

    Hahaha!!! Good comparison!

  • John

    shame that him and Shia LaBouf can’t grow proper beards.

  • he still looks ‘pretty’

  • lila

    It’s his soul patch. It needs to go.

  • Gragfeo

    Love it – Gorgeous

  • One wonders: is he aware that he is channeling the Brawny dude?

  • debho

    Forget about the facial hair, what’s with the comb-over?

  • Charaze

    Zac looks gorgeous!

  • steffa

    it looks painted on.
    its too perfect.
    hes too perfect.

    i hate it.

  • he looks fine
    i’m like him

  • Jen

    he looks like the pregnant man….

  • mm

    Oddly even more feminine looking with the beard. Yuck.

  • your friend jordan

    you leave him alone trent. he looks like a budding mcsteamy.

  • MikeInSanJose

    The hair on his face almost makes me think he might actually have some in his pants!


  • eric

    The boy loves the hair product. Whenever he can he seems to have it almost slick looking!

  • Bob Frank

    It’s amazing all the rumors and talk surrounding Zac Efron. I wish he were gay, but he’s not. I like it that he is building his muscles, combing his hair back, and growing facial hair. He looks good in a beard and ‘stash, and they will get fuller as he gets older. He may very well become more rugged looking as he gets older, while retaining his handsome features. I wish nothing but success for him. He is talented, hard-working (when he’s not banging his girlfriend), and seems like a nice guy. In other words, he deserves his success.

  • Tom

    News Flash!!!…No one cares. Got tired of him quite some time ago. He lacks any genuine talent and now that the boyish looks are gone, he is quite unattractive. Not to mention as a person….