Cher Makes Her Return To The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards


The iconic Cher, a diva in her 60s, made a surprise appearance at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards last night when she came out to present the last award of the night — Best Video. Cher stunned the crowd when she sauntered out in an outfit that was very reminiscent of the costume she wore in her 1989 music video If I Could Turn Back Time. When that video was released, it was considered so risqué that MTV would only air it after 11pm. These days, it looks very tame in comparison to the music videos that air thruout the day on various music television channels. Here are a couple photos of Cher at the VMAs last night:

She is 40 years older than most of last night’s attendees and hasn’t had a major hit since 1998, but Cher was the name on everybody’s lips at the MTV Video Music Awards. The singer stole the show in a barely-there outfit reminiscent of the costume made famous in her video for her 1989 song If I Could Turn Back Time. It was an updated version of the controversial jewelled outfit, complete with her trademark over-the-top curled hair and leather jacket. At 64, Cher’s choice to recreate the famous look was certainly brave. The see-through black body stocking left very little to the imagination, but the singer proved she still has an incredible body. She acknowledged the age difference between her and the audience when she arrived on stage to present Lady Gaga with the award for Video of the Year for Bad Romance. ‘I have shoes older than most of these nominees,’ she told a cheering audience. ‘I’m the oldest chick with the biggest hair in the littlest costume. ‘Back in the day, I used to get thrown off MTV for wearing things like this that seem so tame now,’ she added. ‘That’s when Lady Gaga was Baby Gaga.’

Each year the MTV VMAs provides a moment that everyone talks about the following day … this year, much like last year, I suspect the talk will be about Taylor Swift and Kanye West. As you may recall, Kanye interrupted Taylor’s award speech last year and then caught hell for it. This year, both Taylor and Kanye sang about that moment last year … but neither one did very well or scored any points (tho, I suspect, Kanye came off looking better by comparison this year). For me, the big VMAs moment was Cher’s surprise appearance. I think other moments include Lindsay Lohan’s cameo (which we got to see earlier today), the performance by Florence + the Machine and Rihanna’s surprise duet with Eminem to open the show. To be honest, this year’s VMAs seemed a bit more subdued … maybe even a bit lackluster. What did y’all think … what was YOUR fave moment of the night?

And, just to refresh your memories (or to clue in you young’ns who have never seen it before), here is Cher’s 1989 all too risqué music video for If I Could Turn Back Time:

Diva. Bow down. Recognize.


  • aimie

    As a huge Taylor fan I think the song was great and I think she did him a huge service by telling him not to worry about it. I have to give big kudos to her for being the bigger person and forgiving him for his actions last year. Though I am not suprised she’s always seemed to be a good girl and this is just proving it farther. As far as Kanye’s performance… menh… it was ok, entertaining… but if his thought was to make himself feel better and make people like him more by making fun of himself… then all i can say is … “kanye, you’re doing it wrong.” Toasting your douchebaggery isn’t what I’d call endearing to ANYONE! lol

  • Drea

    I thought the show was a total snore fest! I was not impressed with Chelsea as host at all… I did love the performances but a lot of the presenters seamed out of place… Penn Bradley (who I love) didn’t even speak, why have him there?

    I don’t know I hate to be all negative but this definitely was not my favorite VMA’s!! And I thought the whole Kanye / Taylor thing was totally blown out of proportion just let it stay in last year.. the past… where it belongs…

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    Cher most def stole the light!! I thought Eminem was pretty cool opening the show. I Have never heared of Florence + the Machine but that woman is AWESOME!! I want to check out her body of work now. Taylor Swift simply put can’t sing. I loved Mary J and Drake but Kanye’s performace was a little weak for me. Overall I thought the show was just another awards show with hits and misses. I still think Cher was the best part!!

  • Best parts of the VMAs was Cher (who looks AMAZING) and Eminem’s performance along with Rihanna. I thought they were terrific. The rest of the show was just… meh.

  • Britt/Xtina Fan

    I thought the show was boring and they should go back and let the professional pick the winners and have a Fan Favorite category..Also thought Christina should have got a nomination over Taylor Swift..She got one just because Mtv wanted a Kayne-Taylor moment.LAME..Does it bother anyone that some artist only dance and don’t even pretent to sing and no one calls them out..Not singing is just as bad has Lip Syncing.

  • Dawn

    Oh Hai Madonna~
    Please do two things for me.
    1- get on Cher’s meal plan
    2- get Cher’s plastic surgeon’s number
    THIS is how it’s done!

    Yo Em~
    I am old enough to be your momma. Adoption papers are being filed.
    So glad sobriety hasn’t changed the intensity of your lyrics.
    Much Love, CALL ME~

  • Margie

    For the first time, I skipped the awards entirely. I watched football instead, teams I don’t even like.

  • nicole

    @Dawn – hahah! your awesome.
    – – –
    anways i havent watched the show yet…i will at 2…so ill be back then :) lol

  • Matt

    Blah. Boring. Everything about it. Bring back the glory days of VMAs. The 2000s were the best. Hello Britney “I wanted to be glittery and sparkly” Spears! Those were the best shows!

  • Jessica

    I liked the VMA’s, and absolutely lovedddd seeing Cher, she looked fabuloussss. But the part that got me is when Lady Gaga handed Cher her purse. Who in the hell does Lady Gaga think she is, giving CHER her purse >:O Cher is way better than that, L.G. should be holding Cher’s purse.

  • E.Lee

    I agree on “subdued.” I dunno, maybe they were trying to go for some post-modern stylistic thing? Each act just had one tiny set or no set and the broadcast never picked up momentum. I suppose we were supposed to be so “awed” by the blinky, monochromatic stage through ever musical act that we wouldn’t notice the lack of diversity and overall production value in the performances?

    For example: If Lady Marmalade had been performed mid-show last night, people would have peed themselves from the shock of over-stimulation. “More than 2 colors on stage?! Detailed, decadent costumes?! Non-ballet choreography?! Stage Presence?! CAN’T TAKE IT!!! [Pee]” Though it has to be said, Flo rocked. I just wish she and her Machines would have been a little less “peaches and cream” *when* they rocked.

  • krissy

    I think the best peformer of the night was the NOKIA! The really used the set and lighting to maximum effect. The lights behind Usher made the place look vast! I thought the performances were underwhelming, but the venue was hot! Florence did a great job. It was a little too much like “Hair” there in the end, but she has a really interesting voice, is super talented. I am glad US audiences got some exposure to her.

  • Gevidge

    Last night’s show reminded me why I never watch the VMA’s. OMG boring. I love the show Chelsea Lately, but she was horrible last night! And I don’t get it, they give out what, like 6 actual awards and they still went over in time? I will not be watching next year.

  • ella

    I keep checking to see your opinion on Taylor’s and Kanye’s performance, Trent! What did you personally think? I liked Kanye’s song but he gets a FAIL on the lyrics… I will not toast to the douchebags!! But I thought Taylor’s song was self-indulgent, overly dramatic, and condescending. A VMA moment does not warrant a ballad!!


    -Taylor Swift is so desperate! Milking her incident with Kanye that happened LAST year? It’s so annoying and dead. Plus her vocals were horrible and that performance was very, very awkward. The introduction to her performance was wrong on so many levels. I actually cringed and felt sorry for her .
    -The VMA’s were a pack of stale crackers! Why? Because there was no Britney! The VMA’s without Britney is like cereal without milk: it just doesn’t work.
    -FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE SHOW! Her vocals were perfect and absolutely beautiful! I was amazingly impressed.
    -Chelsea Handler was throwing shade at everyone and I loved it! I especially loved it when she dissed GaGa. ; )
    -Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Ke$ha were so pissed at GaGa the entire night; they kept on giving her a lot of dirty looks. It was funny.
    -Justin Bieber’s performance was OK and I was actually surprised ‘cause I thought it would have been worse. Heh
    -I’m so over Nikki Minaj. She’s so irrelevant that it even hurts to type her name. Ow, BB.
    -Usher’s performance was cool, but home boy has lost it. His dance moves were good, but nowhere tight or powerful like they should have been.
    -Justin Timberlake is such a douchebag and is so irrelevant as well! When he told that guy who is going to play Spiderman to “Shut up” it was so ruuuuuuuude! I know he was kidding but that guy must have felt so embarrassed!
    -Lady GaGa’s meat dress was disgusting. I was thinking, “Man, where’s a pack of pitbulls when you need them?” when she accepted her award. Yes, I know that’s mean.
    -Cher looked FLAWLESS! I was really expecting her to say, “If I could turn back timeoooooooo! I’d give it all to youuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooooo! And you’d love meh! Love meh! OOOOOOOOOOO!” Basically a bunch of o’s and shizz.
    -I’m so tired of Lady GaGa exploiting the gay community. I mean, she brought discharged marines/army/etc. with her that are gay because she “supports” equality. Bull fucking shit. She’s obviously exploiting the gay community for her OWN PERSONAL benefit. I do not understand how people don’t see this. She’s using them for her sales, etc. It’s not genuine whatsoever. It’s like someone donating a huge amount to a charity and then bragging to the press how much they donated and what a good person they are for doing so. I don’t buy it ‘cause the price tag is ridic.
    -Overall, the show was the worst show in a long time (In VMA standards).

  • Jessica

    @CHASE – I agree with you on everything you said about Lady G.

  • ella

    CHASE! thank you! I also feel that Gaga uses the gay community to give herself street cred as being hip and edgy enough to be adored by “the gays.” It’s condescending and exploitative and I don’t understand why people don’t see it either. I’m glad that discriminatory policies like DADT are being talked about but she could do it in a much better way.

  • krissy

    I completely disagree about Gaga and the gay community. She doesn’t wear their support as a badge of honor, she supports THEM enthusiastically. She donates large amounts to homeless teen BGLAD programs, she speaks and performs at rights rallies for the gay community, etc. She reaches out to gay teens when they face prejudice and discrimination. I think people who like to hate on her get frustrated when she is shown so much love, but really, find a legitimate reason. I have seen many articles (like the one in the Wall Street Journal today) that address DADT simply BECAUSE Lady Gaga brought it up at the VMAs. That does help the community, far more than your biter rant.

  • krissy

    …and her website today asks people to help repeal DADT, and it re-directs them to the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, which helps provide legal services for members of our military who are gay.

  • I’m completely obsessed with Florence and the Machine so she was my fav part, closely followed by Cher who looked amazing! If only they could’ve sung together that would’ve be perfect!!!!

  • ella

    well, i definitely think that she cares about discrimination, and i’m glad that she sparked discussion. i have love for her, believe me. she’s awesome. but the way she talks about “the gays” or even “her gays” seems really objectifying a lot of the time to me, it’s almost like she think of them as her pets or lapdogs. i am happy to say that she does good, but i really think she could stand to improve the way she talks about them sometimes.


    @Jessica – YAY! : )

    @ella – EXACTLY! She’s such a phony.

    @krissy – Way to exaggerate something. My rant is not “bitter” like you claim it is. Yes, she does bring awareness and that’s very good for the gay community. HOWEVER, before GaGa even marketed herself to the gays she wasn’t nearly as big as she is now. She then started marketing herself to the gay community because it’s her biggest audience. Without her gay audience she wouldn’t be nearly as popular or sell that many records like she’s doing now. GaGa is just a gimmick; someone pretending to be something their not. She just wants to be the next Madonna and I don’t for one second feel that she’s genuine at all. You can say whatever you want but I really don’t care about your opinion. Kthanx

  • SuzieB

    LMAO @Chase & your line about Gaga “where’s a pack of pit bulls when you need them” = PRICELESS!
    I just don’t get her… she’s definitely talented & all but a meat purse? Like it’s edgy but wacky & she tries too hard.
    She’s just not genuine.

    My fave part of the night was Ke$ha borrowing Angelina from Jersey Shore’s trashbag luggage to use as a dress : )

    Really – the show this year was really boring – I think cause there’s really nothing relevant or shocking or exciting going on at the moment. Just blah…

  • krissy

    Ha! Obviously you do care about my opinion or you wouldn’t have responded, sweetie. You said she exploits them for her benefit, you were proven wrong. Deal with it.

  • gunnarjet

    ok…. reading all the comments.. : YEAH … CHER ROCKED !!!

    …”being the oldest chick with the biggest hair and the littlest clothes”..

    hey…. that woman is 64 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    APPLAUSE TO CHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a true icon !!


    Krissy, how was I proven wrong? Your claims didn’t really prove anything. You didn’t prove anything. If anything you’ve proven yourself to be annoying.

  • krissy

    You said her relationship with the gay community was just for her benefit. After I pointed out the many ways that she legitimately helps the community, you recognized that she brings awarness for the gay community which is beneficial for them. The fact that you are suspicious of an artist who is thankful to the community that first supporter her says a lot. Embracing the community that first embraced you shouldn’t be a surprising thing.

    You can dislike her, think she is untalented, etc., whatevs, we are all entitled to our opinions. But suggesting that she doesn’t genuinely support they gay community is a HUGE stretch. Sounds like you just want something to b*tch about.

  • KellyK.

    Cher rocked it like a true diva.

  • KellyK.

    And meat dresses are SO 2008. As in ANTM cycle 10.

  • bill

    Just a comment on Cher’s outfit. It is the same outfit she has worn in her last two tours when singing “Turn Back Time.” I call it “The Web” as opposed the “The V” from the “Turn Back Time” video. Give the lady credit, she looks great for a a woman of her age!!

  • Maureen

    I can see why people question if Gaga is exploiting the gay community. It’s like she’s trying to suck up sometimes and Ellen D. is not buying it LOL You can tell she seems annoyed. Then on her show Lady Gaga says, “you are my favorite” to Ellen. You’re favorite?? What, you’re favorite person in the world? Please. Stop brown nosing.

    I don’t think Gaga is a bad person. She seems kind-hearted. I just think she could be interpreted as rude sometimes the way things come out of her mouth…. like she speaks without thinking.

    Who the heck was the bleach blond dancing in a weird outfit way up high? That was terrible.

    Cher is awesome.

    What is the purpose of a meat purse? Does it really open up??? Lol Why would you hand someone raw meat? GROSS. I can only imagine all the places she sat or touched with that meat. Nasty.

  • krissy

    Cher apparently loved the meat dress. She tweeted: “Loved doing VMA’s ! Lady Gaga rocked it ! Meat Dress was So INTERESTING Up Close…Back in the day it woulda been called ‘A Happening !’ The way it was cut & fitted to her body was AMAZING ! Meat purse was genius ! As Art piece it was astonishing ! No moral Judgement. modern art elicits discussion, introspection & conflict ! Everyone’s talking about it! BINGO !”