Lindsay Lohan Goes Back To Red, Goes Back To NY


Lindsay Lohan, who dyed her hair blonde in the weeks leading up to her incarceration in jail and then, subsequently, in rehab, has decided to get back to her roots and dye her hair red again … she showed off her new old look a couple of days ago on her most recent visit to check in with her probation officer in Santa Monica, CA. Afterward, it is being reported, Lindsay showed up at the Nokia Theater where preparations were underway for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards which is set to air LIVE on MTV tonight at 9pm ET/PT. At first, it was assumed that Lindsay would be attending the VMAs this year but it now sounds like she merely taped a video appearance for the show … because Friday she popped up in NY to visit her family:

She’s been attempting to resurrect her failing career after a stint in prison, followed by a stay in court-ordered rehab. And what better way to step back into the spotlight than at a big awards ceremony? Reports suggest that Lindsay Lohan will make an appearance on stage at tomorrow’s MTV Video Music Awards being held at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. Lohan, 24, was spotted at the venue yesterday during rehearsals for the show which is due to include performances by Kanye West, Mary J Blige and Justin Bieber. She will even address, in some manner, her recent news making troubles with the law according to E! Online. Chelsea Handler, who is hosting the awards said this week that she would love for Lohan to be at the ceremony. ‘That would make for a lot of material,’ said the comedienne who has consistently targeted the Lohan family in jokes on her chat show, Chelsea Lately. Lindsay, who has recently reverted back to her original red hair colour, was sentenced to serve 90 days in county jail after violating her probation conditions from a 2007 arrest for driving under the influence. She ended up serving just 13 days before being sent to the UCLA medical center for court ordered residential rehabilitation where she stayed for 23 days. Before heading to the Nokia Theatre for rehearsals Lindsay went to a scheduled appointment with her probation officer where she was expected to carry out a drug urine test at the Santa Monica courthouse.

Yes, all of this VMAs appearance talk was going around BEFORE a new photo was made available by TMZ that shows that Lindsay has already left SoCal and made her way to the East Coast to visit with her family there. After the jump, check out the Lohan family reunion photo that shows Lindsay happily reunited with her mother and siblings

Lindsay Lohan is back in New York — and for the first time since she got sprung from jail/rehab … she spent time with her family. Lindsay hasn’t seen her sister Ali, mother Dina or brother Cody since she’s been a free woman. We’re told Lindsay is in town for Dina’s birthday, which is next Wednesday. She posed for this pic — which we got — on Friday after she arrived from Los Angeles. Missing from the family reunion photo: Lohan, Michael (father).

Also missing from the photo is Michael Lohan, Jr.Lindsay’s other brother. So … we know that Lindsay showed up at the Nokia Theater last week so she will very likely appear on the VMAs tonight in some capacity … but the fact that she’s already made her way to NY for her mother’s birthday which is next Wednesday suggests that she will prolly NOT fly back to LA to attend the awards show only to fly back to NY for her mom’s birthday … tho it is possible that she may only be allowed to be in NY for the weekend and may still fly back in time to attend the VMAs. I think it was very generous of Lohan’s probation officer to give her leave of California so that she can visit with her family in NY for a few days. I am also comforted by the fact that Lindsay went back to her natural hair color … she always seemed better behaved as a red head. Well NY, L. Lo is your prob for the next few days … good luck.

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  • LLrocks

    I don’t think it was her probation officer who let her go to NY lol.
    Shawn must have managed to get her permission from the Judge because she hasn’t done anything wrong probation wise since May and has been in full compliance since she was released from rehab.
    There was rumours she was a presenter so maybe she is only allowed to stay in NY for the weekend.

  • Satine

    K first off..she’s 24 not 25! Second…Michael lohan, jr. was also missing from the family reunion photo lol geez these ppl really get their info right :)


    EH. I don’t like that shade of red on her…it’s really orange-y looking on her. It needs to be dark red.