Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams Do ‘W’ Magazine


In May of 2009 Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams were bizzy filming their new movie Blue Valentine, in May of 2010 they brought that film to the Cannes International Film Festival … today we get to see the duo on the cover of the upcoming new issue of W magazine to bring on the promo phase of the film’s release … behold:

UGH … they look so good together, don’t they? Yeah … I hate her, too! OK … I don’t really hate her but no one person (I’m talking to YOU Michelle Williams) should be hoggin’ up all that hawtness (I’m lookin’ at YOU Ryan Gosling). After the jump, check out a few more preview photos of Ryan and Michelle in the new issue of W

I understand the photos were shot by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin and the make-up and grooming was done by Jeanine Lobell. While these two sure do look good together, I think I still prefer seeing them apart ;) Loving the photo of Ryan wearing just the leather jacket … I hope we get to see more soon.

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  • Cupcake

    Wow, never really thought Michelle was that pretty but in these pix she’s beautiful. And they DO look hawt together!

  • Kendra

    I just don’t like her..I don’t know why..But I love Ryan!!

  • nicole

    oh Ryan…such a good ol’ Ontario boy <3

  • Holly

    She looks like Sienna Miller in the black and white photo.

  • Paul From Toronto

    Weeee.. Canadian Representin’… Ryan is Adorable!

  • Tracy

    It’s funny because I NEVER thought Michelle was pretty on Dawson’s Creek but now I think she is just stunning. And Ryan is droolworthy as always.

  • halifaxhoney

    They look too good together!

  • RR

    Yummy! I’ll take em both! :D

  • krissy

    That cover is SUCH a beautiful image. The contrast of feminine and masculine, HOT! There is something about his arm that makes me want to be wrapped up in them. ;)

  • Kristín

    they look really good together! I always hope that he´ll get together with Rachel Mcadams though…

  • Anna

    That cover shot is HOT!! If only that were me in his arms, it would be much better….


    BLAH! I don’t like her either. This is going to sound mean but her face really annoys me and she is a horrible actress… She just overly exaggerates her face when she’s talking and it’s really distracting. Nice spread, though.

  • Shan

    @Tracy, I totally agree! On Dawson I thought she looked kind of like a duck… weird I know. But when I see her now she looks great most of the time!

  • Chelsea

    I can’t believe how amazing she has been looking over the past few years.. Goddess-like… especially in comparison to the Dawson’s Creek days! And of course Ryan ALWAYS looks so great! Well, maybe not in the Breaker High days hahaha.

  • Laura Jayne

    I love Michelle! I think she’s a great actress, and doesn’t go into the whole ‘celebrity’ culture thing. The films she chooses to do are always different. I think she’ll win an Oscar one day!

    As for Ryan, I don’t really think he’s attractive, he’s not ugly but he’s so plain. I’ve not seen him in enough films to comment on his acting I only know him from Half Nelson and The Notebook.

    As for the photos, they are really beautiful!

  • Elkay

    Please, for the love of God, get married and have beautiful babies together.

  • Juneh

    Ryaannn <3