Betty White: Comic Book Hero


Earlier today we got to see a couple of promo photos from Betty White’s upcoming guest appearance on the NBC series Community and I mentioned in that post about how I can not get enough of Betty … that I want more, more, more. Well more, more, more is exactly what we get … here is our first look at the soon-to-be-released Betty White comic book from Bluewater Productions:

Actress Betty White first gained fame as a regular on the Mary Tyler More Show and The Golden Girls. But the actress, now 88, is enjoying one of the strangest career rejuvenations ever. She brought down the house while guest hosting Saturday Night Live and has become a popular pitchwoman on countless TV commercials. She’s even landed a new role in the TV series Hot in Cleveland. Now White will receive a new honor: She’s slated to become the star of her own comic book biography from Bluewater Productions. Female Force: Betty White will hit comic book stores and online retailers such as in November. The 32-page book will retail for $3.99. Writer Patrick McCray, a veteran of the comics industry, traces White’s amazing showbiz career from her days providing voice talent for the radio show Blondie to her return to sitcoms in Hot in Cleveland. “Working on the Betty book was an honor and a blast,” McCray said. “While covering a new entertainer is always fun, there is something special about profiling an icon. Not only did it allow me to savor nostalgia, it also let me catch up on areas of pop culture that had passed me by.” Todd Tennant is the artist on Female Force: Betty White. He, too, is a veteran of the art world. Tennant is a professional illustrator with 31 years of experience. He dove into the world of comics about 10 years ago. He runs his own online King Kong vs. Godzilla comic series, and is the co-creator of the graphic works King Komodo and Gigante. Tennant, too, said that it was a thrill to work on bringing Betty White’s story to life. “I remember seeing Betty White and her hubby Allen Ludden on reruns of the original Password program after school as a kid, and grew very fond of them even then,” Tennant said. “Betty White as Sue Ann Nivens on the Mary Tyler Moore show will always stand out as my strongest and fondest memory of her. Needless to say, I was happy to be given the opportunity to attempt illustrating Betty’s fascinating personal life and her prolific career.” Bluewater president and founder Darren G. Davis says the biography comics are a way to bring new readers to comics. He added that fans of White’s might learn a bit more about the veteran actress by reading Female Force: Betty White. “Betty White has had such an amazing entertainment career,” Davis said. “It’s one that has now spanned more than 70 years. The biggest challenge that the creative team behind this book faced was figuring out how to include as much of this career as possible in one comic.”

I mean … what could be more perfect than a Betty White comic book? We’ve already got the Betty White clothing line and books to look forward to, now we have a comic book on the way as well? LOVE it. I’m not sure what other goodies we can expect from the Betty White merchandise machine but I can’t wait to find out. What do y’all think … are you looking forward to adding this Betty White comic to your comic book collections?