‘Jersey Shore’ Season 3 Wraps Production In Seaside Heights, NJ


Back in July we saw the first photos of the cast of MTV’s reality TV series Jersey Shore moving their belongings back into their Summer share home in Seaside Heights, NJ and today, almost 2 months later, we see photos of the gang moving out as filming production wraps on season 3 of the show:

In just a few short weeks, we’ve already seen so much from JS season 3 … and not one single ep of the show has even aired yet! We got to meet the new guidette on the block, new castmember Dina Deena Nicole Cortese … and who could forget when Nicole Snooki Polizzi got arrested for drunken disorderly conduct. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro also got busted (for amassing a ridiculous amount of unpaid parking tickets) and Mike The Situation Sorrentino got himself an embarrassingly bad haircut. Ah yes, you’ve given us so much already Jersey Shore. I’m really happy for the folks who live in Seaside Heights, to be honest … I’m certain they’re happy to see the JS cast move out and away.

So yeah, any guesses on where Jersey Shore Season 4 will take place?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • nicole

    i cant believe there done season 3 already…mind you i cant believe theres a season 3

  • Megan

    Sammie hasn’t been able to watch season 2 because they’ve been filming season 3, which i think they did on purpose. When she’s finally able to watch season 2 i hope she see’s how stupid she comes off and ronnie see’s what a douche bag he comes off as.

  • Lindsay

    I thought Sammie wasn’t in season 3… what is she doing there? P.S. Fun new drinking game: Have a JS marathon and take a shot every time Sammie says “I’m done” to Ronnie (at least 10 times per episode).

  • nicole

    @Lindsay -im so down for that game

  • Amanda G

    I don’t know if I can take one more season of Sammi and Ronnie

  • god

    I’m guessing there will be a Jersey Shore 4: Los Angeles!!!

  • @ Lindsay… Why would you think Sammie wasn’t gonna be on season 3??? Angelina’s (aka the Staten Island Dump) gone for season 3!