Morrissey Calls The People Of China A ‘Subspecies’


Morrissey, singer/songwriter and very out-spoken animal rights advocate, has put the entire country of China on blast due to his personal beliefs about their stance on animal rights. According to Moz, the country’s uncaring attitude about animals makes them a “subspecies” of the human race!

Morrissey has described the Chinese people as a “subspecies” because of the nation’s track record of animal welfare. The former Smiths singer, an advocate of animal rights and a vegetarian, made the comment to the Guardian, describing the population’s attitude to animal rights as “horrific”. “Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare?” he said. “Absolutely horrific. You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies.” The singer also said that the writing process for his forthcoming autobiography is “almost concluded”. Last month Morrissey wrote a letter to The Times newspaper urging the Queen to stop British Army Guards wearing real fur.

Now, I can appreciate that Morrissey has strong beliefs about the rights and welfare of animals but I think it’s a bit shortsighted an only slightly outrageous to classify ALL the people of China as a “subspecies”. I get that he is trying to make a bold statement but to make such a scathing judgment on billions of people like this is a bit … silly. I love me some Moz but I wish he would tone down this sort of rhetoric a bit … especially if he is trying to affect positive change in the rights of animals. This kind of talk doesn’t just dilute his argument, it totally invalidates it.


  • Lisa

    This could easily be, “Have you seen the news about all these American teenagers getting pregnant and doing all sorts of drugs? No doubt it must be because of the influence of their celebrities. You can’t but help feeling like the Americans are some sort of uneducated subspecies.”

    It’s a matter of realizing that one’s culture may not be shared by the rest of the world, something that Americans (especially in comparison with other people of developed nations) are notoriously bad at.

  • K

    Yeah, I don’t see how coming up with a racist statement like that is going to make people join his cause…What was he thinking ??!! How stupid of him…

  • Hui

    A racist/prejudicial statement. What an asshole.


    Stupid spoiled white people

  • Gab

    And where does a lot of that fur from China go to. HMM.

  • ella

    so fucking racist. i second what lisa said.

  • patches

    I some what agree with him. The man can say whatever he wants to. They do treat animals very badly there. If you don’t like what he says then just ignore him.

  • Anna

    He sounds very stupid and uneducated. Has he ever been in China? I live there and most people don’t abuse animals here.

    What about the way animals are treated in the US? They are all treated nicely on the way to the slaughterhouse and are killed in a gentle way?

  • Tom

    “Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare?”

    That quote alone makes him sound like a tool…
    he has no right to say a entire race as a ‘subspecies’

    God i hate to think what he would have to say about the middle-east.

    This guy is just a racist B’tard who should keep his mouth shut and get a haircut.

  • hj

    This is a foolish way to make a headline like this. An ignorant crap.

  • Kevin

    Save your judgmental crap for the bathroom. Have you actually seen the footage of Chinese fur traders skinning dogs and cats ALIVE? You would be sickened too. You should watch it and see if you don’t change your views about China. As a country, China exploits people and animals, all in the name of a buck. Culturally, that is acceptable there. However, not all ethnically Chinese cultures are that way. But mainland China is. Morrissey’s comments are being blown way out of proportion. Oh, and by the way, I am Chinese.

  • I see that Morrissey has been targeted for his comments about how the Chinese have treated animals in a recent Guardian interview with Simon Armitage – the controversy centering on the comment he made about the Chinese being a “subspecies”. Although a vast majority of misinformed people in this country might take exception to what he said, let’s just take a look at China’s appalling record on both animals and human rights and put this into some kind of perspective.
    I believe that a good test of the civility of any nation boils down to a simple respect for life, whether animal or human, and China, in my opinion, fails to do this. The comments made by Morrissey were not racist, but they were an expression of anger about how this country conducts itself, and I agree with his sentiments. I think that treating any living creature badly does make you less than human and in this sense I know where he is coming from. As far I am concerned, China’s appalling record of abusing both animals and humans has demonstrated that it is not a civilised country, and I personally have a great deal of pity for many people who live there. I think that it is sad that the press seem to be attacking Morrissey for simply speaking his mind, and for revealing uncomfortable truths about what happens in the world. The truth is often uncomfortable, but I think that Morrissey’s ability to reveal and articulate many home-truths secures his place as one of the most significant artists that England has ever produced.