Chuck E. Cheese, A Fun Bloodbath & BFF Birthday Lurve


Yesterday was a bizzy day for me here in my beloved Detroit … I was on the run pretty much all day long. After I finished up with work, I made my way out to Novi to do a bit of shopping at one of my old haunts Twelve Oaks Mall, where I found this totally kickass Diesel watch:

I know I’ve been in a CRAZY obsessed Swatch watch mood lately but I just couldn’t resist buying this watch. You can’t really tell but it’s a huge watch with lots of fun neon green accents. I love it!!

After my wee shopping excursion, I met up with Tracey, Zakiya and her BFF Toni at Chuck E. Cheese so that we could have a belated birthday party for Z’s recent birthday. Needless to say, a good time was had by all:

The girls had a blast, Tracey and I got to catch up … ’twas a very fun evening.

Last night, I came back to Sarah’s and we went out to see Machete. After the jump, find out what I think of the film …

Ever since I first saw the gory yet hilarious trailer for Machete back in May, I knew that I would love this film. Machete does not disappoint as the “Mexican Kill Bill“. It’s gory, funny, gory, political, gory and, well, gory … but in a fun, B-Movie way. Lindsay Lohan, as you may know, is in the film and is topless in 50% of her scenes … to be honest, she wasn’t great at delivering her lines but I don’t think she was cast because of how well she delivers her lines. Machete star Danny Trejo is one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood even if you don’t know it … it’s really very cool to see him starring as a leading man for once. I was also very impressed by Michelle Rodriguez … she looks fantastic in this film. Jessica Alba, well, her acting isn’t the best but she’s nekkid for a shower scene so … yeah. All in all, I loved Machete. The film may be about 30 mins. too long but it’s a good time, I loved every second of it.

And finally … I have to send out ALL MY BIRTHDAY LURVE to my dear best friend Sarah who is celebrating her birthday today:

I love her way too much to embarrass her on her birthday here on my blog … but I do want to publicly acknowledge her day and send her all my love. The gang here in Detroit are getting together for a birthday celebration tonight … it shall be fun.

I hope all y’all are having a fantastic Long Labor Day weeknd :) Enjoy!!

  • Kendra

    That looks like a Buzz Lightyear watch! Sweeet! Happy Birthday to Sarah!

  • Meg

    I saw Machete last night do. So much fun. My fave part had to be when we first discovered Lindsay’s character. Too perfect.

  • Isabella

    Aww, I used to work at 12 Oaks Mall!!! Sounds like a lot of your old haunts are MY old haunts :)

  • Claire

    Happy birthday Sarah!

  • erin

    thought i recognized you at 12Oaks… apparently i did!

  • Stephanie

    it blows my mind that Zakiya is not a tiny baby anymore. Then blows my mind again that I have been reading PITNB long enough to know this :)

  • briana

    Awww, little Zakiya is so big now! :)

  • Sassy K

    Cannot believe that Baby Z is a big girl now. I remember when she was just born and you were posting her photos on here. Sigh. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

  • Franki

    @ Stephanie & Sassy K: I was think the same thing, time is flying by!

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