Watch: Rick Astley, ‘Lights Out’


Rick Astley, the British popstar who took the world by storm back in 1988 (and then notsomuch in the years since), is back with his first new single in 17 years! Here is our first look at his new music video for his new single Lights Out:

As you may know, Rick’s biggest hit song is Never Gonna Give You Up (a track that I was obsessed with back in 1988 when I was just getting to know an Aussie popstar who had just released her debut album, Kylie Minogue) … so how does this new track compare to that one? After the jump, check out the video and judge for yourselves …

In all honesty, the song doesn’t really grab me. It doesn’t have that Stock Aitken Waterman sound that made Astley a superstar … but if Kylie can grow and evolve beyond the SAW produced sound, so can Astley. I’m glad to see the guy is still alive and kickin’ … I can’t wait to hear what the rest of his new stuff sounds like. What do y’all think, do you like?


  • DJ Vegas

    Its a poorly written song that does not make use of his vocal skills. IMO at least. I’m so glad to see him back. I was never a fan really but have become one due to nostalgia. But Honestly Trent , do you really want to resurrect SAW in this day and age? Everything Kylie has done since leaving them seriously out shines everything she did with them. How much “dum-di-di-dum” pop music can one hear in one’s lifetime? ;)

  • nancy

    This song would be better in one of two ways. 1) Same song, just sung by a younger singer for the girls to swoon over. 2) A country version sung by any popular country guy. Who ever directed this video made Rick seem so stiff and awkward. I do like the song, just not him singing it.

  • Chelle

    This song would have been much better suited to a country star. I’m in agreement with DJ Vegas — it does little to showcase Rick’s talent. Mind you, we’re just assuming he can still sing like he used to. Perhaps he can’t? I’ll give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars. Meh.

  • Chelle

    Aha! I see Nancy and I were on the same page at the same time. :) Country star it is, then!

  • Melody

    I LOVE IT! I Have Every Album! He Still Has An Amazing Voice! It’s Great Just The Way It Is!

  • Lauri

    Yes! An updated Rickroll

  • Jim G.

    Sorry Trent… Rick had a fantastic new single and album released in 2001 – the song “Sleeping” was released in some european countries and was classic Rick… check out the video…
    And he also did a covers album… all good stuff. It’s great seeing Rick back!

  • Kells

    the scene where he’s walking down the hallway whilst playing guitar makes me think of that Fruit of the Loom commercial where the apple is singing and playing for the back to school commercials.

  • azuresque

    He’s coming to Singapore this month to play a concert with Debbie Gibson and Johnny Hates Jazz. It’s gonna be a BLAST!

  • Bee

    Did anyone else fear for a moment before clicking the video they were about to get Rick Rolled? Because I did have some hesitance :P

  • phredd

    I agree with Jim G. “Sleeping” is a great song. Too bad it wasn’t released here in the states. I also love this freestyle remix of “Sleeping” very hypnotic.

    Also, I love “Lights Out”. I first heard it online about 3-4 months ago. The video is sort of awkward. Rick doesn’t seem to know what to do with his hands. But I LOVE the song!

  • Isabelle

    I kinda like it. I really liked “cry for help” but I don’t remember when it was released, it was not a SAW song.
    And I think he looks a lot less stiff in this video than any other video he ever made with SAW.

  • Paul

    the problem with most of you people is you don’t recognize talent. Rick Astley has an amazing voice, pershaps not being utilized right now, but there is NO male equivalent to Christina Agulira with a voice like this. puhlease!!

  • A

    Wow. Rick Astley has an AMAZING voice.

  • Nicole

    I agree with Lauri – updated Rickroll. I really like Rick Astley and still think he’s cute, but he needs to be in the video a little less or maybe even involved in some kind of plot for the video. As it is, the spinning background behind him makes me motion sick, perhaps due to my advanced age of almost 35.