Michael Lohan Moves To LA


Ugh … I got some bad news for Lindsay Lohan … well, actually, it’s bad news for the entire Los Angeles, CA area … her estranged father and all-around fame monger Michael Lohan has moved to LA from NYC, NY. In an attempt to be closer to his supposedly sober daughter, Daddy Lohan has taken up residence in an apartment in Santa Monica, CA which is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Lindsay’s SoCal home. Here is a photo of Lohan moving into his new digs with his luggage:

Michael Lohan just moved into his new L.A apartment — and he tells us, the place has two major perks … 1) it’s right by the water … and 2) it’s only 11 miles from his newly-sober daughter. According to Michael, his new crib is right by the Santa Monica Pier — just a short drive from Lindsay’s West Hollywood apartment … depending on traffic. Lindsay has previously stated that she wants absolutely nothing to do with Mike … but it seems daddy just won’t take no for an answer.

Blah! As if California didn’t have enough problems … ugh. Tho, I guess we really shouldn’t be all that surprised that Daddy Lohan wants to be as close to Lindsay as possible, how else can he bask in the glorious glow of her spotlight unless he’s right behind her, following her every move. Personally, I think if Michael truly wanted to keep an eagle eye on his daughter, he should’ve gotten a room at the Chateau Marmont … we know that Lindsay loves hanging out there very free second she gets. Ugh … I’m just so grossed out by this news. See, even when Lindsay doesn’t mean to harm others … she harms others!


  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    OMG!!! That is hilarious and very disturbing! My good friends live less than 500 feet from Santa Monica Pier!! I hope I see him when I visit. He is a vile human being!

  • Bee

    Vile indeed. Vile that a grown-ass man is using LV luggage. What was in the water the day the Lohans were conceived??

  • Vic

    Her parents are total riff-raff.

    @Bee: Vile that an adult male uses LV luggage? Give me a fucking break.

  • B

    Shouldn’t he be paying a little more attention to (and staying in the same state as) his UNDERAGE DAUGHTER instead of spending all his time stalking the one who is grown?

  • LLrocks

    Apparenly if LL’s hearing went well him and Ali were supposed to be going out for dinner.
    However he wrote a letter to the Judge saying that LL should be sent to inpatient rehab instead of jai. At the hearing Ali read it and she hasn’t spoke to him since.
    He also has a son Cody who is 14.