Lindsay Lohan Probates By Day, Parties By Night


Earlier this week we learned that Lindsay Lohan, who is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine this month, had another run-in with the police in Los Angeles after she failed to stop at a Stop sign in West Hollywood, CA (you may recall she was in a desperate hurry to get to the Chateau Marmont, her fave party place on Earth). We also learned that Lindsay has been very good about making all of the required meetings with her probation officer in Santa Monica, CA. Today we get to see a couple photos of L. Lo making another successful check-in with her probation officer …

… but we also get to see a couple of troubling photos sniffed out by TMZ that show Lindsay partying with her BFFs at the Chateau at a table littered with questionable beverages. Check out those photos, after the jump …

As you know, Lindsay is currently on probation which bars her from drinking any alcohol … and, yet, she seems to have no problem putting herself in situations where alcohol is readily available … and apparently at arm’s length. I understand that Lindsay is subject to random drug and alcohol testing and, thus far, she has managed to stay clean and out of trubs with her probation officer. It just seems very suspect and very troubling that Lindsay, who is running around sans court-ordered SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet, is already hanging out at bars and clubs just a week out of rehab. Oy!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • debho

    Fucking idiot.

  • ella

    but at the same time, it was the doctors in rehab who said that her problems weren’t nearly as bad as people thought, and that she didn’t need to be in rehab any longer. right? plus i thought her problem was with adderall, which is pretty different than alcohol. some addicts have trouble with any substances at all, but not all addicts are like that. maybe she has no trouble saying no to alcohol esp when she has to taking random drug tests. i’m staying hopeful for now, and we need to stop examining everything she does under a microscope when we don’t know anything about her.

  • mook

    I don’t think that’s an alcohol drink. Looks like Tru Blood to me.

  • Brianna

    Seriously…..WTF? Why does this girl continue to think that the finger in her mouth is a good look for her? ARGH!

  • Jstar

    I agree with ella, I think drugs were more of her problem, not alcohol…

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    Yes drugs may be her problem but if she gets wasted then she it is more probable she will reach for the disco dust! Either way this girl is a total moron for already going to the bar and proving what everyone says about her-NO SUBSTANCE!!!

  • cmc

    I agree with everyone saying her rehab doctors clearly didn’t think she had much of a problem, and she’s been staying out of trouble since her release so she seems to be fine…
    HOWEVER, in order to get back in the public’s good graces, she really might want to stay home and stay away from alcohol- by that I mean don’t just abstain from drinking it, but don’t be photographed around it, don’t go out to clubs, etc.
    I was a huge Lindsay fan and am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt but sheesh, if she wants me to buy that she’s reformed, she may want to try selling it… (hope that made sense)

  • T Dot

    Why can’t she go see a movie or go out for dinner? Why does she have to go clubbing every single night? Her behaviour has not changed. Period.

  • LLrocks

    The Chateau Marmont probably isn’t the best place for her to be but to be fair she was only having dinner and was home by 10:30pm.
    As long as she complies and stays sober until November 1st it is up to her what she does in her free time. It is probably better that she is going out and socializing as it might actually help her recovery when she isn’t being FORCED to stay sober.

    I think she will stay sober because remember it is 2 random tests a week so it isn’t like she can pass the test and then be free for another 7 days. I don’t think she would risk going back to jail.
    Its just a question of after everything that has happened this year will she stay sober when she doesn’t have to.

  • steffa

    i agree with ella, “and we need to stop examining everything she does under a microscope when we don’t know anything about her.”

    but at the same time i agree with cmc… if she wants to get back into the public graces, shes doing a terrible job. lol

  • Jenn

    Is she even legally allowed to be in a bar or club? I know in my state if you are on probation it’s illegal to be in bars but I’m not familiar with the California laws.

  • LLrocks

    Yes she is
    She is only being forced to stay sober because she got out early of inpatient rehab and became an outpatient.
    Her rehab finishes on October 31st and if she has complied on November 1st the Judge said she can leave L.A and will no longer be monitored.

  • Oh, Lindsay… when will you ever learn?