Les News, 083110

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  • nicole

    hmmm Annes hair is cute…but i think its too short for her

  • Lulu

    Yeah… Anne’s hair is a wee bit of a fail. Makes her face look really long…

  • Jstar

    HATE Anne’s hair

  • Mariah

    I love Anne, but that hair kind of makes her look like a boy. Kind of like Hilary Swank’s character in Boys Don’t Cry. Still love her, though.

  • babybunny

    Anne reminds me of Audrey Hepburn’s shorter dos. I like her with the longer hair personally but she still has timeless beauty.

  • Z

    I hate Anne short hair >=\! She shouldn’t have cut it, it makes her look stupid and that makes me mad because she’s usually so pretty >=S! Not everyone can rock a pixie like Emma Watson and Vicktoria Beckham!