The 2010 Emmy Awards Are Handed Out


Last night at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles, CA the 62nd annual Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out on LIVE TV in a telecast that offered some entertainment, lots of surprises and a bit of disappointment. Here are a few photos of some of the attendees of last night’s Emmy Awards as they made their grand arrivals on the red carpet:

As for the show itself, well, overall I was a bit underwhelmed by what we were given. I thought Jimmy Fallon did a fairly good job as host but much of the show was tedious and annoying. The announcer who wouldn’t shut up as the night progressed really got on my nerves. They need to get rid of him, like, seriously. I really enjoyed Jimmy’s musical interludes and I really enjoyed the show’s Glee-themed opening number. In case you missed it or just want to watch it again, you can do so after the jump …

Yeah, this opening number/skit was really cute … it’s just a shame that Glee kinda got snubbed in the awards department. Yes, Jane Lynch won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy and Ryan Murphy won an Emmy for Best Direction in a Comedy but that was pretty much it. Read on to find out who won and who lost at the Emmys last night:

AMC’s period drama Mad Men claimed its third straight Emmy and ABC’s hit comedy Modern Family got its first in a night that honored stalwarts and newcomers alike. Jim Parsons won the Emmy for best actor in a comedy, his first, for playing lovable nerd Sheldon in CBS’ hit The Big Bang Theory, while Edie Falco, who won three Emmys for playing a Mob wife on The Sopranos, took home a fourth, for Showtime comedy Nurse Jackie. HBO claimed every award in the movies and miniseries category: The Pacific won best miniseries and Temple Grandin won best movie and awards for best actress Claire Danes, supporting actors David Strathairn and Julia Ormond. Al Pacino won the best-actor Emmy for portraying assisted-suicide expert Dr. Jack Kevorkian in HBO’s You Don’t Know Jack. AMC, with four awards, had more than any broadcast network: Bryan Cranston won his third consecutive Emmy for playing teacher-turned-meth dealer Walter White in AMC’s twisted drama Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul won for his supporting role in that series and Mad Men won for writing. Elsewhere, Kyra Sedgwick was a first-time winner as best actress for her Southern detective in TNT drama The Closer, and Archie Panjabi of CBS’ freshman hit The Good Wife won for supporting actress in a drama. Eric Stonestreet, the flamboyant Cameron on Modern Family, won best supporting actor in a comedy, and Jane Lynch, the conniving cheerleading coach of Fox’s musical Glee, won best supporting actress in a comedy. Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart won its eighth consecutive Emmy as best variety/music/comedy series. And in the reality-competition series category, Bravo’s Top Chef broke the seven-year winning streak of CBS’ The Amazing Race, which has won every year since the category was created in 2003. In other honors, Modern Family and Mad Men won top comedy and drama-writing Emmys, while Glee and Dexter won for directing. George Clooney won the TV Academy’s fourth Humanitarian Award. And CBS’ Tony Awards and NBC’s Winter Olympics opening ceremonies won Emmys for writing and directing, respectively, in the variety/music/comedy specials category.

I cannot even express how upset I was that Dexter got screwed. Trust me, I love Breaking Bad and I do not want to take away from their wins in the acting categories but Michael C. Hall gave the acting performance of his life in season 4 of Dexter and was thusly honored at the Golden Globes and the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards back in January. But, alas, Emmy voters have no memory because they failed to honor his work last night. Also, I’ve been bored by enough Mad Men to know that Dexter is the FAR superior Drama Series but … yeah. I was pretty geeked that Top Chef won for Best Reality TV Series … that is one of my faves, I never thought it would win. I was a bit embarrassed by how sloppy Top Chef host Padma Laskshmi was on stage when the award was presented … she looked a bit drunk and, well, messy. Here are a few photos of some of the Emmy winners happily posing with their trophies in the press room after their big wins:

To be honest, I’m still very Meh. about the whole awards show last night. I didn’t love it … I didn’t hate it. I agreed with some wins, vehemently disagreed with others … but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Click HERE for a full list of Emmy winners. Did your faves win? What did you think of the show?

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  • CJ

    Jim Parons’ makeup was HORRIBLE! It was way too much!

  • krissy

    I thought the show was a lot better and more entertaining than in past years. I disagree with your thoughts on Mad Men…the show is so filled with subtext and “filled” moments that boring is the last word I would use to describe it.

    • @krissy — Compared to Dexter, Mad Men is a snooze. I get that they are different sorts of dramas and Emmy voters have a hard-on for MM. I’m annoyed because Dexter just keeps getting better and … no Emmy love. I guess it’ll just have to keep getting better and better.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    It is always the same winners and losers! The Emmy’s are pretty predictable! I was thrilled Top Chef won and I agree about Padma! Over all it was what I expected for the Emmy’s!

  • a big fat BORRRRRRRINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG… *snooze* on the awards! pretty much, no one i was rooting for won =(

    the show itself was alright… jimmy saved it for sure. the presenters all seemed… completely unprepared?

  • Devon

    Can we stop snubbing Neil Patrick Harris of his Best Supporting Actor Emmy ANYTIME soon?

  • alicia

    al pacino needed to shut up
    and patrick should have won for hamelt but then again i just want any excuse to see sir patrick ;-)

  • *a*

    how did LOST not win anything?? absolute travesty, especially michael giacchino snub! his score for lost is just incredible!

  • Amanda G

    Meh….I didn’t watch because it seems to be the same winners every year. Did Conan win for talk show? That would have been awesome.

    • @Amanda G — No, Conan did not win … Jon Stewart won — again.

  • Sara

    I CANNOT believe that douche from Big Bang Theory won out over some of the best comedic actors on TV right now!!! Any one of them deserved it more than him. That show has the most superficial idiotic humor. Annoyed!!! haha. But big ups to Jane Lynch and also Claire Daines!

  • Roze

    I was very happy for Modern Family. It started getting boring and pretentious for me with the mini-series and movies. I guess cuz none of them i’ve watched or even heard of and judging from the clips (like Return to Cranford) that were shown, looked as cheesy as Harper’s Island except Harper’s Island was fun.

  • meh

    Yay glad Jim Parsons won. Big Bang Theory is a great show. And I love Modern Family.

  • Great show! Jimmy boy was awesome! Glad Big Bang Theory Won!

  • Candy

    I love Mad Men and I love Dexter. They are quite different but equally wonderful. I could have gone either way. I will say that I love Jon Hamm and am thrilled to see that he has such a great sense of humor and willingness to have some fun. Loved the opening!

    What do you think about the rumors that no network wants to host the Emmy’s next year because so many awards go to cable shows?

  • Suz

    Jon Stewart definitely deserved to win and as much I love him, Conan did not.

  • Alicia

    I was really upset that Michael C. Hall didn’t win for Dexter. This past season was ridiculously amazing, due in no small part to Hall. I LOVE Bryan Cranston to pieces, and I’m an avid Breaking Bad viewer, but Hall was robbed. Cranston has won 3 times now and there are others in his category that are just as deserving! It’s not as if he’s the stand-alone talent in there. I hate when they do that.

  • Sharon

    Last year’s Dexter was amazing and definitely deserved way more love then it got.
    A little upset Matthew Fox didn’t get any love and super upset Lost didn’t get any love either. The final season was amazing.
    I kinda wish there was 2 seperate categories for TV shows. There is such a difference between shows that air on HBO and AMC then on channels such as ABC and CBS etc.
    It would just be nice to some other people win or be acknowledged for their work that aren’t featured on premium channels.

  • isabelle

    Mad Men is one of my favourite TV shows ever. No way does it not deserve best drama.

  • yadira

    where’s the love for michael c hall??? he was robbed!!

  • leslie

    Trent, where u upset about Jon Steward winning? I mean i wouldn’t mind much but they seem cockky on stage and made some bad jokes….

    • @Leslie – no, I wasn’t upset that Jon Stewart won but I agree the producers on stage were a bit off-putting when they accepted the award.

  • LISA L

    I don’t think Jimmy Fallon is funny (except his old Weekend news thing with Tina Fey on SNL)… def hit or miss with him. His singing thing…. eh. Not a fan of the whole Glee intro.

    I’m SO HAPPY MODERN FAMILY won this year. Fantastic show. Glee took last years’ awards, this year belongs to Modern Family. Whoo hoo! A non-NBC show, too!

    I snooze through the mini-series/movies part too. ZzzZzz…..

    I’m glad Conan didn’t win because that would be too predictable and unfair.

    Glad Edie Falco won…. love Nurse Jackie.

    Dresses this year… most of them looked great!

  • J

    I’m NOT sorry but Modern Family is MUCH funnier than Glee. I mean I would hardly call Glee a comedy anyway, from what I’ve seen anyway.
    I’m actually quite happy that Edie Falco won, cause I really dig her on Nurse Jackie. Great character that one. But I would have liked to have seen Toni Collete win, being an Aussie and all. Ahh well.. just glad the overrated Tina Fey won, I don’t hate her, but the Palin impersonation ran its course long ago.

  • mimi

    my thoughts:
    – boo to glee, dexter & neil patrick harris not winning an award
    – boo to mad men winning an award – it is the most overrated show ever. takes itself way too seriously
    – boo to anna paquin’s strange skittish behaviour and awkward facial expressions on the red carpet
    – boo to the mad men writer being cut off in his acceptance speech. if two people win the category, they should allow for more time for them to give their acceptance speeches.. it was so rude!
    – yay to the opening sequence.
    – yay for jane lynch
    – yay for kyra sedgewick for finally winning
    – yay for claire dane’s dress. she looked amazing.

  • Still upset about Hugh losing again. I love Cranston, but Hugh’s work on this season of House was SPECTACULAR.