Kylie Minogue Announces The ‘Les Folies Tour 2011’


Kylie Minogue, who just performed here in the US on America’s Got Talent this past Wednesday night, will be hittin’ the road next year with a new tour she is calling Les Folies Tour 2011. Promo poster artwork for the tour has been popping up in Germany announcing the tour, here is our first look at some of the artwork:

Kylie fans here in the US have much to be excited about … because Kylie has promised that she will tour the US once again next year! Kylie gave a quick interview to Access Hollywood backstage on America’s Got Talent last week and spilled that she is planning to bring her tour back here to the US in 2011:

Listen up, Kylie Minogue fans! The Aussie pop diva will return to the U.S. to tour in 2011, she tells Access Hollywood exclusively. “I’m coming back,” Kylie told Access on Wednesday, at a rehearsal for her “America’s Got Talent” performance. “Next year, 2011.” Kylie, who toured the U.S. for the first time ever in her over-20-year career in Fall 2009, said American fans are “unbelievable.” “Touring here was one of the best decisions,” she said. “There was so much love in the room – the fans were amazing.”

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! This is such exciting news!! I had an absolute BLAST seeing Kylie Minogue in concert here in the US last year … I am beyond thrilled that she is not only planning to tour again but that she is planning to bring that tour here to the US as well. It has been such a treat to be able to see Kylie on tour internationally but I’m even more excited that she is bringing her tour back here to the US, making it so much easier to see her multiple times on tour. 2011 is going to be a fantastic year for concerts, I can feel it. Now that we know that Kylie will be hittin’ the road here in North America again we can ready ourselves for the fun times ahead. The only problem is … how many shows will I need to see?


  • Z

    See them all! See them all! You can never have too much Kylie =D!! I wish I could go though =)!

  • Jim G.

    Yahoo! Kylie in the US in 2011! I plan to go to any and all of her NYC shows. I got to see the first two last year and only wished I could have seen all three. She is the most INCREDIBLE performer live!

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  • chadSF

    Fantastic news! I can’t wait to see here again and this time I hope to see her in a bigger venue. Thank you for this amazing news.

  • Pedro

    Yeay, can’t wait to see her again, I’ve seen her 4 times in the UK, and last year in NYC, her live shows are the best!!!

  • Liza Simmons

    I haven’t lived since I haven’t seen Kylie live yet!
    Some great Kylie conversations have started at this page
    you should check it out!

  • I’m so stoked that she is coming back to the US! When I saw her in concert in Chicago…it was a dream come true…and when she sang “Your Disco Needs You” completely impromptu and COMPLETELY acapella including the opera part at the end…my jaw DROPPED….so amazing! Can’t wait to see this tour live!

  • John

    I literally started to cry when I first got the email about her coming to the US in 2009 . . . and it hit again when I read this today. Twice in TWO YEARS!?!?! YEAH!!! Thanks, Kylie! I can’t wait to see you in Chicago again!!! Much love!!!

  • jeff

    I first saw Kylie in Toronto in 2009 and was COMPLETELY blown away by her show!! Her stage presence is unbelievable!! She actually looks like she enjoys being up there..unlike certain robotic performers(Madge). THE BEST SHOW EVER!!! Now we are flying all the way to London UK to see her at the O2…the Brits absolutely love her!! 6 sold out shows in London!! CANNOT WAIT!! LOVE YOU KYLIE!!!

  • helen

    ya will be a great show, i found this page and of course i´m participating to win them :-D