Is Mariah Carey Hinting That She Is Pregnant?


Yesterday we read a report from RadarOnline that claims that Mariah Carey is 4 months pregnant. And by the looks of recent photos of Mimi both on stage and off, there may be some truth to all the rumors flying around. Mariah herself has finally chimed in on all the talk going around about her possible pregness … hinting that she may be pregnant after all:

Mariah Carey has hinted there’s truth behind reports she is expecting her first child with husband Nick Cannon, confessing she’s too “superstitious” to share any baby news right now. Speculation has followed the couple since Carey pulled out of a Tyler Perry movie over mysterious health concerns in June, but she’s yet to confirm or deny whether she’s a mum-to-be. New photos of the singer performing in Brazil and sporting what looks like a fuller figure raised fresh questions and forced Cannon to backtrack over a recent denial. Cannon told New York’s 92.3 FM radio station on Monday: “When my wife feels like talking about whatever she wants to talk about, you will hear it directly from her.” Carey then addressed the issue via a statement released by her publicist Cindi Berger on Thursday. But she refused to confirm or deny the reports – revealing even Berger doesn’t know for sure if her client is expecting. The statement reads: “I appreciate everyone’s well wishes. But I am very superstitious. When the time is right, everyone will know – even Cindi Berger.”

This sounds to me like the surest confirmation that isn’t a confirmation at all. Trust me, I too, am very superstitious like Mariah Carey … I do NOT like talking publicly about things to anyone until it’s a for sure done deal. But the fact that Mimi has shared that she is too superstitious to share any news right now seems very telling to me. And so … we will wait for Mariah’s official statement on the matter one way or the other. But while I do not want to jinx anything for her or hubby Nick Cannon, I am crossing all of my fingers and toes that we will soon get the news that we are all hoping to get ;D


  • Rory

    To me crossing my fingers always brought me bad luck. But I totally agree with her and just let the world keep on guessing.
    On a side note Nick never denied Mariah is pregnant or not. He just said “If and when my wife has something to say she will tell the world.”

  • daniella550

    Mariah likes to STUFF herself in the tightest clothes possible. She’s definitely preggers!

  • Mariah Carey pulled out of a Tyler Perry movie back in June, but she wouldn’t have had to if Nick Cannon had pulled out earlier.

  • Homegirl, is BIG. And not Mariah Carey off season big, I mean BIG. She HAS to be pregnant.

  • gina g

    ere’s a bun in e oven!!!!!!! Eeeeeek i cant wait for a confirmation!!! Mc and mr. Carey are going to be super cute parents!

  • Tiffany

    I’m going to say twins. If she’s early enough to be superstitious and she’s carrying like J. Lo then that’s gotta be why <3 Can't wait for an official announcement!

  • anon!

    i hope she’s preggers… otherwise, she is packing on those elbeez…

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  • jamie.h

    she’s letting us know without saying words, those tight clothes show a big belly and thats not from being full. congrats mariah i hope u have the lil princess you’ve always wanted :-) you and nick deserves the happiness