Newly Single Rachel Bilson Hits The Beach


A couple weeks ago we learned that the formerly engaged Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen decided to call off the wedding and break up and today we get to see Rachel lookin’ all kinds of hot and SINGLE on a beach in Hawaii over the week. Get a load of what Hayden is missing out on now that he is no longer engaged to R. Bils:

Dude, if Hayden Christensen can’t handle a fine lookin’ lady like this then it deffo was time for him to cut her loose so she can find someone better suited to appreciate her. I have always had such a soft spot in my heart for Rachel Bilson … she seems like a really sweet person, drama-free and supercute. I never understood what she saw in Hayden … but now that she’s single and ready to mingle, here’s hoping she hooks up with a guy *cough* Adam Brody *cough* that is better suited for her. I mean … look at this girl! She won’t stay single for long.


  • nicole

    love her! i can admit…i wouldnt mind seeing her with adam again, they were cute together.
    but im convinced Hayden is gay..and that Rachel was done being his cover up. i have no reason to back this up…but the gay vibe from him is super strong to me.

  • toya

    See Trent, THIS is why I love your site!! You’re gay but you can still appreciate a woman and not be a dick calling her ugly JUST BECAUSE you want to be w/the guy she’s with!!

    Like Perez Hilton does…he demeans women and he’s just a Vile human being!!

    Always love my PinkIsTheNewBlog. <3
    Plus you like Tori Amos…so it's a Win-Win. Lol

  • g

    :hint hint: ADAM! :hinthint:

  • Krissy

    I really can’t stand how people try to label someone “gay”, when they have no reason for it. You can’t tell a person’s sexuality by looking at a picture, and you can’t learn anything factual from Perez Hilton. It is just sad that people believe he has any insight when he labels someone “gay face”. I have had people i know get labeled as such, when it was 100% not true, just a way to get attention for his blog. I am sure there are some stars who are in the closet, but what is to be gained by speculating? You aren’t going to be sleeping with them, gay or not.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Damn, that woman is FINE AS HELL!!!

  • JC

    Rachel look sooo amazing!! I hope she ends up with at least Adam or Hayden, I loved her with both of them.

    & I agree with @Krissy – I don’t even see how they think Hayden is gay? To me he doesn’t seem like he’s gay. haha

  • Lulu

    She is beautiful, and I wish her happiness :)

  • E

    She has always seemed so sweet and classy – proof that you can be young and beautiful in Hollywood and turn out well! Not to mention that she has fabulous style! Wishing her lots of love and happiness!

  • toya

    @Krissy…Trent has a boyfriend you stupid b*tch. I think that would classify someone as GAY.


  • Laure75

    Love RBils. She is as cute as a button.
    @Toya, you are an idiot who obviously can’t read, and extremely rude to top it off.

  • krissy

    Lol!!!! I wasn’t talking about Trent, sweetheart. Hayden Christensen, who Rachel Bilson used to be dating. ;) Take a deep breath…