Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Joins The Cast Of Dancing With The Stars


Hold on to your hats, Dancing with the Stars fans … because according to OK! magazine, Mike The Situation Sorrentino from MTV’s Jersey Shore has signed on to compete in the upcoming new season of DWTS. Now, this news has not been confirmed as true just yet but OK! seems pretty sure that they’ve got the scoop:

OK! has exclusively learned that the Jersey Shore cast member who named his own muscles has signed on to the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. So will his toned bod and glowing orange tan bring him success in the ballroom? While only time will tell, we think he’ll have a bit of that Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing vibe. OK! recently spoke to DWTS‘ reigning pro champ, Derek Hough, about the upcoming season. And while he had no idea when we spoke with him that The Situation would be on the show, when we asked about the possibility, he said the presence of the Jersey Shore guido would get fans glued to their screens. “It’s people like that who come on the show who people will tune in and watch because either it will be a travesty or it will be interesting to see somebody turn something completely around so I’m up for anybody,” he told OK! at the Creative Emmys Saturday in L.A. “For me it’s classic entertainment, it’s fun. Whatever gets people talking and tuning in is interesting to watch.” Already signed on to the show is his fellow MTV reality star, Audrina Patridge of The Hills, recording artist Brandy and NFL alum Kurt Warner, who led the [St. Louis Rams] to a Super Bowl win in 1998.

What? Not only will The Situation be competing on DWTS but so too will Audrina Patridge from MTV’s The Hills? It doesn’t sound like there will be any actual stars in this new season of the show … but the addition of these two reality TV hounds will sure attract some attention. Will the older audience who does NOT watch MTV but does love DTWS be impressed? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Additionally, The Situation was spotted jumping for joy on the Seaside Heights, NJ set of the new season of Jersey Shore. After the jump, check out those photos …

It’s unclear exactly why The Situation was in a jump-happy mood but maybe the new report out today that he may make as much as $5 million dollars this year alone might have something to do with it. Ugh. So, what do y’all think of this news … would YOU tune in to watch The Situation and Audrina compete on Dancing with the Stars?

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  • nicole

    you know what…i havent watched dwts in years…but i would check this out atleast online…i mean…this is just a wreck waiting to happen

  • Kimmy

    the media blows… why do people care about reality tv stars that only got on television by acting like morons. no wonder the economy sucks, we put all our energy into obsessing over idoits.

  • Kimmy

    the media blows… why do people care about reality tv stars that only got on television by acting like morons. no wonder the economy sucks, we put all our energy into obsessing over idiots.

  • Me

    Oh please God NO!

    I’m sorry but IMO, if you’re famous from a reality show, you are NOT a star for DWTS purposes.

    … but I’m also obsessed with DWTS. So my views are slightly skewed.

  • Wage

    I don’t watch DWTS but I can’t help but think this is perfect! I do watch Jersey Shore and love him or hate him, The Situation is quite entertaining! Here’s hoping his fist pumping skills translate!

  • Kelly

    OK! needs to do better research… Kurt Warner won the Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams… not the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Melissa

    Seriously? Can’t the Jersey Shore cast just keep their douchebaggery to their own stupid show??? MUST they take over things and ruin them???

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Oh shit this might be a pretty good season!! LOL, Audrina is going to suck!! I bet the Situation does pretty well!!

  • Joce

    I am more upset knowing he might make $5 million this year. really this guy is??? I love Jersey Shore and all but none of them are doing any work that deserves anywhere close to that amount of money

  • teeshah

    Oh yes I will!!!

  • LISA L


  • Vanessa

    People can bash Jersey Shore and reality TV all they want, but there is clearly a market for it and the people that do these shows. I think people can relate to them more than other A-list celebrities. The A-list celebs seem to be in their own worlds and would never give these people the time of day and they would never sign up for these shows because it would be a drop in their status (to them).