Wyclef Jean Fights On In His Bid For The Haitian Presidency


On Friday we learned that the election board of Haiti denied singer/songwriter Wyclef Jean’s attempt to run for president of the country due to his ineligibility as a candidate. Today we learn that Wyclef is not giving up his political aspirations without a fight. Jean has announced that his lawyers will file a formal appeal in an attempt to get his name on the ballot in the upcoming Haitian presidential election:

Hip-hop singer Wyclef Jean says he is not abandoning his presidential bid just yet and will send a lawyer to a Haitian court to appeal a decision rejecting his candidacy. Speaking to The Associated Press from his home in Croix des Bouquets, Jean says lawyers will go to a Haitian court Monday to appeal with the national electoral dispute office. Jean told the AP on Sunday that he has a document “which shows everything is correct” and that he and his aides “feel that what is going on here has everything to do with Haitian politics.” Jean’s candidacy was rejected by the country’s elections board Friday night, presumably because he did not meet residency requirements.

While I can appreciate Wyclef’s tenacity and zeal, I simply cannot endorse his ongoing candidacy for president. Despite the fact that I have no doubt the man loves his country very much, I’m not even remotely convinced that he has either the experience or the know-how to run an entire country. I can’t say I’m surprised that he is appealing but I really think he should let this go. If he is truly serious about helping his country, he needs to live there for a few years … work in local government, affect change from a grassroots level and then, possibly, run for higher office after a few years of concerted effort. Waltzing in and saying I want to be President without one iota of experience not only makes the man look silly but it seems to be a mockery of the Haitian political system. Do the right thing, Wyclef. Let this presidential bid go and work your way to the top.


  • Sarah

    Well said, Trent.

  • yousarocker

    “Waltzing in and saying I want to be President without one iota of experience not only makes the man look silly but it seems to be a mockery of the Haitian political system.”

    Hm, kinda like the Governor of California?

    • @yousarocker — Yes, like that. And look what Arnold did to the State, we’re broke!

  • Thank you Trent! I am Haitian and 100% agree with your opinion. I have been arguing with friends non stop about this. They believe because Wyclef has always represented Haiti and donates money it means that he’s qualified to run the country and I don’t agree with that.

  • Torrie

    Wise words, Trent. That’s a very thoughtful take on the situation. Totally agree.

  • junior

    As a Haitian I completely disagree with your opinion. Which one of Haitians presidential candidates is qualified Sweet Mickey?

    What has a ‘degree’ or ‘experience’ so far done for Haiti? Nothing! Kidnapping, Riots, Money Laundering, and Stealing the emergency disaster money. Obviously this is not working. Lets find a president that the people like, who is not crazy/corrupt.