‘V’ Season 2 Goes Into Production In Vancouver


When the sci-fi drama V ended its first season last Spring, we the viewers were left with a lot of questions … particularly relating to the red clouds that unfolded above the Earth in the final scene. The season ended without any explanation about those red clouds … leaving us to wonder what the hell could happen next. Today we get to see a few photos from the Vancouver, British Columbia set of V that might give us a hint. Here are photos of actors Elizabeth Mitchell (who plays FBI and V Resistance fighter Erica Evans) and Logan Huffman (who plays Erica’s son Tyler) making their way out of the Visitors HQ in NYC … as what looks to be red rain falls down all over them:

V was one of my fave new shows last season and I am really looking forward to its return this Fall. As a big fan of the original V mini-series shows from the 80’s I had high hopes that this remake would be just as good or better … and thankfully, this new version of V has not disappointed. I am SO dying to find out what those red clouds mean … and how the story will unfold in season 2. Seeing these new photos of filming production of V season 2 has really made my day. I hope we get to see more photos soon.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Illise

    I cant wait for the second season i loveeeeee this show

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I too found this show a breath of fresh air in an era of crime and medical drama’s. I can’t wait till the 2nd season! Not to mention I love my Lost Characters!

  • wesley

    ahhh I cant wait to see season 2 season 1 to me was not only a fiction show but it dealt with real issues that we face today it’s a really great show