Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Return To LA TOGETHER


Late last week new photos of Twilight co-stars and rumored paramours Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson lookin’ really CLOSE hit the Internets before a grainy yet seemingly very telling photo of the pair actually KISSING surfaced from the Montreal, Quebec set of K. Stew’s new film. Today we get to see photos of the kissing costars as they made their grand arrival back in LA last night … together:

Very obviously the new photo of the pair smooching has ramped up interest in the couple to the nth degree … as if the couple weren’t a hot news item before, now they’re THE hottest couple around. Unfortch for the very shy K. Stew, all the attention seems to be having an averse effect on her. After the jump, check out a couple photos of Kristen Stewart waving to the paparazzi with just one finger …

Yeah, if Kristen Stewart wasn’t happy with the attention she received before the kissing photo came out then she REALLY ain’t gonna love the attention she’s bound to receive over the coming weeks. The paps are going to do everything they can to get another photo of K. Stew and R. Pattz kissing … which means they will be hounded 24/7 for some time to come. Will Kristen and Rob be able to handle the pressure? I guess we’ll find out.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Katherine

    Kissing photo? What did I miss? What kissing photo?

  • g

    I’ve missed her flipping me off

  • nicole

    shes just full of class isnt she?
    anyways, i like that hair colour on her..she should stick with it.

  • Nate

    Kissing photo? Not really. It’s just a few grainy pictures of Kristen going in for one of her fave hugs the ‘head hug’ and while giving Rob her now classic head hug Rob steals a little kiss on her cheek. They did not make out. PLEASE STOP WITH THE LITTLE LOVE HEARTS!

    • @Nate — Love makes the world go ’round. The hearts stay :D


    She is SO annoying. At this point I’m over them as a couple, in general, and everything else. Srsly. I’m even over Twilight because so many people ruined it for me. Oh well!

  • Joan

    As I’ve said before, NO ONE is that good at hiding a relationship. If they are together indeed they were bound to slip. The resolution sucks, but it’s about the best proof I’ve seen. The best part about this photo ( is Tom Sturridge in the background, though. So funny. LOL

  • Sherry

    I don’t understand how you people get so pissed off at Kristen for flipping off the paparazzi. Since their “kissing” photos over the weekend came out, could you imagine what all the paparazzi was saying to them as they entered or left the airport. She is not flipping her fans off people it is the disgusting paparazzi that offends her. And you know what I say go for it Kristen. Paparazzi people don’t care about invading privacy or anything else so why should she hold back on what she thinks of them??!!! There are always 2 sides to every story. Would you want to be hounded like that?? I mean really. No other actors get this like these two do. After a while it has to get old people. She speaks her mind and that is what is so unique about her. She cannot even come home without a million paparazzi up in her face. All the fans that have commented on her says that she is very nice to them and obliging with pictures, autographs. So as long as she is just doing this to the paparazzi and not her fans then what do we care if she is flipping them off or not. Why do you people make a big deal out of this. Hell I probably flip someone off everyday driving or whatever. What’s the big deal people. Everyone that really knows her as far as other actors, etc say she is very sweet and nice and a very good actress. So, since I don’t know crap about acting skills, etc I think I will take their words about how Kristen is and you all haters can kiss off because you don’t know what you are talking about!!! I will defend Kristen to the end!!!

  • Liz

    these kids are SOOOO young. They’re dealing with complete insanity the best way they know how. Pretty sure if they knew what a freakshow they would become, and how relentlessly they would be hunted, they would have passed on the twilight roles. I’d rather not see photos of them like this, knowing that they got completely harrassed in order for the photos to be taken. I much prefer the red carpet, interview and promo pictures.

  • Jen

    I agree with Liz…I don’t think either wanted this degree of attention. No one knew how big Twilight would be. I can’t imagine dealing with all that crap. I don’t know if it would be better for them to just admit they are together, but hopefully the photos get old someday. This would be a really hard way to have a relationship.

  • Jen

    I don’t understand why any celeb who doesn’t want the attention even goes to LAX, there are plenty of other airports to go to. I mean, isn’t all this kind of expected? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were set up though. Like Trent said, their photos are in HIGH demand right now, maybe their people thought the quicker they get their picture taken the quicker this madness will die down.

  • Nate

    @Joan exactly! No straight couple is that good at hiding their relationship. Years now and all we got is a few hand holding pics and this grainy head hug cheek kiss pic? So yes you’re right Joan this is proof, proof that they’re NOT a couple.

  • Doee

    I was one of those fools who ranted and raved when Kristin was flipping off the Paps but anymore I am all for her behavior…This is a complete invasion of their privacy These idiots with their cameras hang around these kids 24/7 sell a picture and make several hundred thousand dollars and they call this work???
    I think we need to back off and let them enjoy their relationship. We hear the idiots saying they are gay so be it if its true..I frankly think they are crazy about each other and a hand ful of there loved ones know it. I think they should be left alone.

  • Mica


  • Lorenzo

    just like everyone else says, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.. there’s plenty of celebs who have more cameras in their face: cue the Kardashians, every one of them has some type of media outsource and they don’t have a problem keeping cool heads! IMO this girl didn’t do her research before picking up the part of Bella, it’s obvious.. because one little google type of “twilight” and a click on your mouse would’ve led you to forums, fan sites, critic reviews etc…

    hell, I used to be a fan (years ago) and would check Stephenie Meyers official page for updates everyday on the series but now it’s a different world and twilight is no longer associated with good literature, but instead with an agoraphobic actress and brooding actor who have yet to discover how to handle the raging machine that is Fans.

    my point: neither of them seem like celebs who would be cool with you spotting them on the street, approaching to say hi and ask for a quick autograph or handshake. in fact I would probably walk away feeling like I interrupted something much more important than reinsuring that they have job opportunities in the future, because you’re no one without fans.. and people, strength is in numbers.

  • Guest

    Anyone else notice how she’s been carrying around (and wearing) his fave shirt like a toddler’s beloved blankie? Twilight might keep it PG, but my guess is these two don’t.

  • Laure75

    they wouldn’t get that much attention if they admitted that they ARE DATING already, no?
    Keeping people guessing is what makes it into such a big thing. I’m sure as soon as they admitted to it the attention would dial down, whereas now every paparazzi is following them around everywhere hoping to be the one to have “definitive proof of dating” photo.
    They are just being silly. Or taking orders from the studio so as to maintain interest in the frankly crappy Twilight movies…?

  • kristen – keep flipping those fingers to the paps – maybe they will finally get it – that they are annoying!!! Go girl you have every right.