Charisma Carpenter Shows Off Her Fabulous 40 Year Old Bikini Bod


Charisma Carpenter, who starred in both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, turned 40 years old last month … and so, to celebrate, she is bearing her HOT 40 year old bikini bod in the new issue of In Touch Weekly magazine just because she can … behold:

Charisma Carpenter is still a sexy mom and displays her bikini body for celebrity magazine In Touch Weekly. “I ate lobster with butter and three slices of cake — I was really indulgent!” Charisma Carpenter told the weekly entertainment publication while celebrating her recent 40th birthday while promoting The Expendables at Comic-Con. “I love food too much to not eat and I don’t want to be the angry, hungry girl.” Whether it’s eating or working out in preparation for her In Touch bikini shoot, the actress, best known for playing Cordelia on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel says she “doesn’t do anything half-ass.” The report adds her attitude is why she’s turning 40 with a smile — and snagging a plum role in the summer’s most eagerly awaited action movie, with an all-star dream team cast led by director/star Sylvester Stallone, helps. “I want Hollywood and America to know 40 is not old,” she says. “As my mom told me, ‘Charisma, welcome to the best decade of your life, because not only do you look as good as you did when you were 23, but you’re so much smarter.’ I’m now better in every way: I’ve had years to hone my craft. I’m better at acting, I’m a better mom, I’m a better friend. I’m just a more confident woman. It’s awesome!”

Dang. Charisma Carpenter looks good … and yes, 40 is not old. If anything, I hope this bikini feature in In Touch will inspire other women to be proud of their ages … which, you gotta admit, can’t be too hard when you look as good as Charisma does. OY! She looks fantastic … I love this woman :) Don’t you?


  • nicole

    i love her. ive been watchin Angel lately and i forgot how much i liked her. im glad shes around again, and im hoping shes gunna get some more roles.

  • Anna

    Wow she reallly realllly looks incredible. one of those women that look more outstanding with aging. :) I totally loved her both in Buffy and especially in Angel. I mean even when she was the super villain I still Loved her and I still do. hope we can see her more often in some great series or movies. :)

  • aimie

    i had NO IDEA she was 40… i am 33 i thought she was younger than me! wow… she looks amazing

  • LISA L

    Wow, it’s Coredelia!!!

  • DJAngieC

    Yes, more Cordy err Charisma please!!!

  • Sarah

    What God doesn’t give you, a plastic surgeon will… she looks great, too bad it’s not all the “real” her.

  • Meeshie Moo

    you go Cordy! Loves her.

  • brittany

    @Sarah – don’t hate.

    I say work it girl!

  • Leah

    Come on now. “Be proud of your age”? Let’s hear you say that when the woman in the photo doesn’t look 15 years younger than her actual age, through plastic surgery, retouching, or spartan health regimes.

    I’m so tired of these “be proud of your body (just as long as it’s perfect)” articles.

  • Jessica

    She looks gorg. She was great in Veronica Mars- Trent, I hope you’ve seen that show!

    • @Jessica — Oh yeah, I had forgotten. I miss me some ‘Mars’.

  • A

    Cordy is forty?!!!

    She’s still such a babe!

  • CCGroupie

    Damn!!! 40 years and looking like that!! I’ve seen hot girls in their early twenties who don’t come near charisma!! She’s not an ordinary milf… She’s a supermilf!!!