Betty White Is Planning To Write 2 New Books


Great news, Betty White fans! It turns out that those of you who simply cannot get enough of Betty have a couple of new things to look forward to … namely 2 new books that Betty is planning to write. Listen Up! will be a life lessons book and The Zoo and I: Betty and her Friends will be a book about her beloved animal friends:

Just in: Betty White will write two books for G. P. Putnam’s Sons. The first, titled Listen Up!, will offer life lessons Betty has learned during her long career in Hollywood. In her usual wise-cracking style, Betty will give her personal observations on a wide range of topics, including television, aging, life, love, sex and celebrity, including her recent stint on Saturday Night Live. It will be published in Spring 2011. The second book, titled The Zoo and I: Betty and Her Friends, will be filled with stories and photographs capturing the daily life of her animal friends at the zoo. White is a longtime member of the board of the Los Angeles Zoo, and she has been a passionate supporter of animal health and welfare her entire life. The book is slated for a 2012 release.

I love this … mo’ Betty, mo’ Betty, mo’ Betty! I think these books will go quite nicely with the 2011 Betty White Calendar, the Betty White t-shirts and, of course, the new Golden Girls – 25th Anniversary Complete Collection DVD box set that I am planning to get. Huh … who knew that Betty White would corner the market on merch. What do y’all think … would you read a book penned by Betty White?


  • Alys

    No, I would not. Betty White is honestly becoming as overexposed as Beyonce’ or others. I’m getting really tired of her popping up everywhere. She’s a funny lady and fairly talented as a comedian/actress, but it’s all a bit much. :(

  • Joey

    I think it’s a great idea! I love Betty, and am okay with her “over exposure” – she deserves it!

    The only thing is that I’m pretty sure “The Zoo and I” is grammatically incorrect, and that it should be “The Zoo and Me.” I’m not normally the grammar police in day-to-day writings, but for a book title? Am I wrong here? At any rate, GO BETTY!

  • Kelli

    I would read her books in a second! I LOVE her and would totally wear her hoodies, and whatever she can throw our way!

  • Jay

    you go Betty