Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Get REALLY Close On Set


Twilight co-stars and rumored paramours Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were snapped lookin’ all kinds of coupley together on the set of her new film On the Road which is currently in production in Montreal, Quebec. There have been many rumors going around about the involvedness of K. Stew and R. Pattz … and these photos seem to suggest that the couple are actually much closer than they say they are:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have always been coy about their rumored off-screen romance – but a picture speaks a thousand words. In a series of photos out Thursday, the Twilight costars are pictured canoodling on the set of her new movie, On The Road, in Montreal, Canada. Stewart and Pattinson are seen smiling and nuzzling each other as he appears to be leaning in for a smooch. The pair will soon get even more quality time together – when they film what promise to be steamy sex scenes between their characters Bella and Edward in the two-part Breaking Dawn.

Oh yeah, these photos are a STRONG indication that these two are more than just good friends. These photos all but show the two of them sucking face … but you know they want to. Even if Kristen and Rob are “just friends”, it was very nice of Rob to fly up to Montreal to spend time with his “friend” while she films her new movie. HMMM … what do y’all think? Is this finally proof positive that R. Pattz and K. Stew are really together together?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Miss Denise

    I don’t mean to nitpick, but Montreal is in Quebec, not Ontario.

  • nicole

    @Miss – nice catch. hell im from Ontario and i didnt even notice the mistake lol.
    – –
    anyways a part of me still doesnt completely believe it…then the other part of me doesnt care lol

    • @nicole — “a part of me still doesnt completely believe it…then the other part of me doesnt care” LMAO!! Win!!!

  • Jen

    Aw, it is so cute it makes my heart want to jump right out of my chest!

  • Becca

    @nicole – that explains my thoughts on it EXACTLY. i don’t like them together, i sometimes think they’re just fuck buddies, but then again i couldn’t really care less what’s going on between them. it’s odd, lol.

  • steffa

    if they wanted us to know they were together, theyd tell us.

    at least theyre happy… whatever the hell they are!!

  • Snuffy

    Let’s just worry about the real issue here: THEY’RE RUINING MY FAVOURITE BOOK! This movie is going to suck harder than Supahead :(

  • brittany

    I feel like it’s just a ploy to keep Twihard fans crazy about the films. I mean really if you think they are a couple aren’t the steamy scenes that much steamier. Until I see full on tongue action outside of the movie I’m not believing a thing.

  • Sherry

    People it is very obvious they are together. You don’t go half way around the world to visit your “friend” in Budapest for your B-day! you would wait and celebrate with your friend when they get back. The looks between the two are obvious! They have been together for quite a while. They are never going to publicly admit their relationship because it is none of our business. Look at the way we talk about them now. Could you imagine if they admitted they were a couple how bad it would get. I don’t blame them for keeping it on the down low. Their friends have more or less said that they were together. If you notice every time they are apart each of them wear the black bracelet?? He wore it to the awards show she was not at. She wears it when he is not around. That is a little thing between them that is very cute. It’s like your not here but I am thinking about you. There have been many signs. You people already know that they are private people and don’t want their relationship to be public. Kudos to them for that! They don’t need to suck each other’s face off in public to know what they really are to each other. They are so cautious of that, that we will probably never see a picture of that.

  • Joan

    The speculation completely neglects the fact that Rob’s male BFF is also in that same movie Kirsten is… and really, Rob is as attached to Tom Sturridge’s hip as he is to Kirsten’s. Who knows? Maybe there’s something kinkier going on there. LOL
    I’m still waiting for that undeniable proof. I mean, no one is THAT good hiding a relationship. C’mon.

  • Joan

    @Sherry Wow, you noticed the bracelet thingy? O.o Someone is looking TOO closely … lol

  • robin

    seems like they get more attention not admitting it than they would if they just admitted it.

  • chan

    @robin: maybe that´s what they want ;-). or what summit wants….who know´s??!!

  • nicole

    @Sherry – actually, i would totally travel half way around the world to see a friend if i could.

  • Tracy

    I don’t care if they are together. Good for them if they are….I have to admit I never really cared for them as a couple, I think Rob can do so much better. I think Kristen has some real issues, and is a terrible actress.

    I with Nicole…a small part of me doesn’t believe it…the big part couldn’t giva shit….

  • Megan

    I don’t think these pics show them “canoodling”. Looks like them just talking and the last pic looks like he’s leaning in for a hug and they snapped the pic at just the right moment. Not that i think they’re just friends, but these pics aren’t proof of anything.

  • Ashley

    He can do better.

  • My friend’s brother worked on “Eclipse” and said they’re definitely together.

  • lolitachill

    damnnnn i’m from montreal and looking for the set… Does soemone knows where it is???

  • Liz

    I love that they don’t “confirm” their relationship to the media. It’s refreshing, as opposed to Lindsay, Paris, Britney, and all those dreadful reality whores etc etc who constantly “confirm” the contents of their stomachs, underpants, brains, (or lack of). A bit of mystery is SO refreshing. And really, although it’s fun to speculate and guess, it’s really absolutely nobodys business except theirs. (oh, except maybe the financial backers of the Twilight saga, who may lose a bunch of money if they break up before filming ends ;-))

  • I LOVE them together! I think that them not confirming their relationship makes the paps more of a problem for them because so many people are obsessed with these two and want proof, myself included. I also think they are both very good people with good heads on their shoulders at such a young age and it’s sad that others want to bash them when they are setting such a great example. Not that they are trying to be any kind of role models at all. They just want to have an acting job and have normal lives at the same time. Good for them

  • oh and rob took off his jacket and turned around to reveal the back of his Beastie Boys shirt to the paps that reads “get off my dick”. Awesomeness

  • LISA L

    Totally together. It’s cute.

  • Kyzt

    @sherry : you just get right ! I notice that too. So sweet..