Rihanna Gets Some New Ink . . . On Her Neck


Popstar Rihanna indulged her love of tattoos yet again this week by gettin’ herself a new tattoo on her neck which she picked out with a little help from her boyfriend Matt Kemp. The pair were spotted all cute and coupley at a tattoo parlor in NYC this week where Ri Ri got her new ink done … as you can see from the following photos, the process of picking out which tattoo to get was a very loving one for Rihanna and Matt:

Rihanna really loves getting tattoos … I think this one is like her 15th one. As she has made clear, every tattoo she gets is representative of something and means a great deal to her. And what, pray tell, did Ri Ri get inked on her bod this time around? Find out, after the jump …

I believe Rebelle Fleur is French for “rebel flower” which obvs must have more esoteric meaning for her than for the rest of us. I kinda love that Rihanna is so fond of tattoos … we all have our things that we love. I, personally, like all the tattoos she’s got done thus far. This new one on the neck looks like it hurt but she deffo looks happy. I say good for her … can’t wait to see what she gets done next. What do y’all think of Rihanna’s new ink?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Vickie

    In French it should be “Fleur rebelle”.

  • beth

    meh. not a fan of tats on the neck.

  • vezzerina

    Vickie is right! Perhaps a little spell check before getting permanent ink done is a good idea?

  • What an idiot-I couldn’t really stand her before anyway.

    I see a trip to the dermatologist in her future.

  • Kelly

    I find neck tattoos gross…. there is only a hand full of places i wouldnt get a tattoo.. Neck, above my boob, and on my stomach… As long as she doesnt go all Travis Barker on us…

  • Julie

    Vickie is right…sucks for her to have the wrong translation!!!

  • nicole

    shes like a billboard for bad tattoo choices.

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    Neck Tattoos on a woman are gross!! I don’t like it! She is so young and at this rate going to be covered in 10 years! Now, I do like tatts but this one just isn’t my favorite!

  • Billie

    I think it’s wordplay on ‘belle fleur’ which means ‘beautiful flower’

  • Amy M

    i agree with Billie.

  • aly

    It may be a play on belle fleur, but in french there are only a handful of adjectives that are placed before the noun. Anyone who speaks basic french would know this. One should always check with someone who speaks a foreign language before getting a foreign tattoo. Unless her rebellion is extending to
    a rebellion against french grammar rules.

  • ella

    yeah it’s totally a wordplay, and it’s a tattoo not an essay… so wordplay works it doesn’t have to be grammatically correct. people just love to hate on rihanna and anything she does.

  • Billie

    @aly Well, but since it’s wordplay I think it’s allowed. That’s what wordplay is for.

  • kali

    its probably not the best place to get a tattoo.

  • Isabelle

    Billie, that wordplay doesn’t work in french. It’s not obvious enough. It didn’t even cross my mind. The first thing that came to my mind was: “it’s backwards, dummy”.

  • Billie

    @Isabelle tattoos are not for others to get, they’re for yourself


    THAT HAIR! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

  • nicole

    @CHASE – hahaha. does it remind you beiber? cause i totally thought of him when i saw it

  • DJ Vegas

    @ Nicole – Justin Beiber and Ronald Mc Donald’s love child perhaps?

  • Lauren

    I love tattoos…I’m married to a tattoo artist and I have a plethora myself, however I’m not fond of neck tattoos, especially on women. On another note…if she’s gonna keep getting more and more ink..I wish she’d get a big piece as opposed to a crap ton of little ones on a whim. You end up looking like a bad patchwork quilt when you have a lot of small pieces randomly placed wherever there is space and it doesnt look good.

  • nicole

    @DJ V – either that or her head was used as a tampon

    • @nicole — OH NO YOU DIDN’T! LOL!!

  • nicole

    @Trent – haha yeaaaaaaaaaaa i did. but if i didnt…someone else would have lol

  • PixiesBassline

    @Lauren – I feel the same way about people getting little tats scattered allover them. It just doesn’t look good to have a bunch of different little tats, scattered allover a person.
    It makes me wonder if they’re scared to get anything that might take more than 5 minutes to apply.
    I feel like you’ve missed out on a “real” tattoo experience if you haven’t ever had one that took more than AT LEAST an hour to do…
    Do you even get endorphins off of a 5 minute tat?
    At the same time, it’s her body, so I kinda don’t give a shit. Lol

  • PixiesBassline

    BTW – I’m loving the haircolor.

  • Voodoo

    am i the only one staring at her hair O.o

  • J

    Gotta say, Ri is the rare case where tattoo’s work on girls. I don’t care how sexist that sounds, but its true. The good thing is, she gets tattoos suited for girls.
    For some reason, some woman think getting a particular tattoo looks great or suited for them. WRONG it looks manly or just wrong no matter what sex you are.
    Stay limited or stay girly!

  • Megan

    I can’t wait until this tattoo obsessed generation gets old and we have a bunch of old people with deformed, saggy tattoos

  • Kate

    She looks beautiful in the picture you have on the front page, tattoo or not. I love the color combination between her red hair and bright lime shirt. People can say what they will, but this is the vibe of 2010.

  • Isabelle

    J, I have two tattoos, and I’m still pretty girly. I have no problems to find a man. And your comment does make you sexist.

  • Isabelle

    And I forgot to tell Billie: you got a point.

  • Lauren


    Oh I hear you…my smallest tatt took an hour..and I’ve gone for 8 hour sessions at a time. Part of getting the ink is the experience and you don’t get an experience from a 10 minute tatt.


    I agree with Isabelle, your comment is a little sexist…I have a full back piece and several other tattoos. They are all Celtic / Norse Knotwork, and not at all masculine. But there is a big difference between good tattoos and bad tattoos, and there are alot of women out there with bad ink work. The only other point I’ll make on this, is….J, it isnt your body when you see women with tattoos, and thus, you don’t really get to tell them they shouldnt ink themselves.

  • Meagan

    Maybe she thought she’d be a rebel and get the phrase tattooed the way she thought it should be? She IS Rihanna people, she’s allowed to change the French language as she sees fit =P

  • nicole

    @CHASE – ha! i love it <3

  • Amanda

    @J : “I don’t care if this sounds sexist…” if you have to write that disclaimer, it is. I’m heavily tattooed as are most of my female friends, and we certainly don’t get them to please your lame ass :)