First Look: The Official ‘Jersey Shore’ Hallowe’en Costumes


Welp … you know it had to happen … this Hallowe’en, YOU will have the option of dressing up as your fave castmember of MTV’s hit reality TV show Jersey Shore because Costume Craze has secured the rights to the official Jersey Shore Hallowe’en costumes. Here is our first look at the Snooki costume:

No word on if a Jwoww costume will also be available but I’m guessing if so, it’ll be a bit of a variation on this costume … but with bigger boobs and a manlier face. No worries, guys … there are Jersey Shore Hallowe’en options for YOU too! After the jump, check out the costumes for The Situation and DJ Pauly D

Okay, I’m not gonna lie but … the costume for The Situation is pretty brilliant. The fake abs that show by lifting up the tank top is kinda genius. I have a sneaking suspicion that we will be seeing lots of these Jersey Shore “guidos” out and about when October 31 rolls around. Are any of y’all planning on dressing up as a castmember of MTV’s Jersey Shore this Hallowe’en?


  • la diva latina

    The costumes for the guys are way off…those guys are all about tanning and those are just too pale!!!

  • jen


  • Kristi

    Definately NOT tan enough….heeellllloooo…how many times have we heard GTL?

  • nicole

    i was thinkin the same…too damn pale.

  • Amanda

    haha it’s funny bc I already have my snooki costume for this halloween, i came up with it last year while getting ready for an outing with the girls, it involved a dress i should have tried on at the store that was so obscene on me that it should come with attachable censors, and a very bad experiment with self tanner…and i thought i was so original.. ::tear::

  • Ama

    I remember back when Halloween was about dressing up as your favorite horror character(or for little kids, it was about dressing up as your favorite cartoon character) Now dressing up as reality TV stars counts as a Halloween costume? Pft. But then again, I guess they are rather horrifying.

    But I agree with others that they are to pale. ha

  • Zsofi

    In my opinion the real Snooki is way fatter than this chick on the pic.

  • ugh

    eeeeeeeew… why? WHY?! Snookie is such a nothing little troll!
    and that first photo looks more like a Whore-dashian… bleh!

  • Krissy

    Ugh, that first pic does look like a Kardashian! They do have a lot in common with Snooki, taste wise.

  • This costume is a compliment to Snooki that bitch no matter how you slice the cookie bake the pie etc that bitch in her wildest dreams will never ever ever be european or white that bitch wishes she was white or italian there are some chilean people who have euro blood but that bitch lookos like an aztec indian fucking inca indian nasty bitch she looks like pocahontas.

  • I dont mean to be racist but my mom is white cuban and I can easily tell when somone is white or not or white hispanic she wishes in her wildest dreams she was white or even white hispanic she looks like an inca or pocahontases gautemanlean ugly sister eeeeeww shes sacagwea.

  • Tricia

    Oh dear. Anytime you have to start a comment with “I don’t mean to be racist but…”, you may want to stop and reconsider the rest of your comment. Just something to think about…

  • Presley

    Pacheo you have got to learn to form an opinion…..

  • Krissy

    Very wise advice, Tricia. Well said.

  • Samantha

    Pacheo-do you have enough white sheets for your Halloween costume yet?

  • woodroad34

    As Lafayette might say: “Hookuhs! Please!”

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  • Blaire

    Been there done that already!!!

  • Irma

    oh my God, my dream has come true.

  • Brenda Simard

    I like it!