Courtney Love Cleans Up


Over the weekend Courtney Love, trainwreck extraordinaire, was featured in a beautiful pictorial shot by photographer Diana Gomez for a piece in the Daily Mail. The piece, a lengthy interview with Love written by Liz Jones, is chock full of information (much of it hard to decipher, in fine C. Love fashion) but it is the photos that really caught my eye:

I mean … wow, does Courtney Love clean up well or what? I know that any subject who is photographed well and then Photoshopped to perfection can look good but I just love the whole styling of this particular shoot. It’s to imagine a woman who looks this put together can still actually be such a wreck. But all you have to do is read the interview to be reminded that Courtney Love is still very much the trainwreck she has worked so hard to become … here is an excerpt that gives you a better understanding of what I’m referring to:

I open my mouth to ask a question but she interrupts: ‘You know that Gwyneth [Paltrow] is coming to the show tonight… Gwyneth is awesome. How old are you?’ she asks, peering at me momentarily. ‘Are you, what, 32? You look awesome!’ I suddenly love this woman. I tell her that I am 50, five years her senior. ‘Are you serious? You must have had some work done!’ I tell her I haven’t, and she high fives me. ‘Well,’ and she gets an ‘electric cigarette’ (she’s trying to wean herself off an almost lifelong nicotine habit because she thinks too many young women are copying her) out of the Birkin bag left unceremoniously on the grubby floor, next to a thumbed copy of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. ‘I did my nose, we all know that. I did one thing, Goldie Hawn told me not to do it, and I did it when I was 35, and I’m not telling you what it is. And then I did this crazy trout mouth, and then I undid the crazy trout mouth…’ … ‘My nose looks like a beak so I swore never to do anything again so I’ve never done Botox, no fillers, nothing.’ Her eyes are huge and green. I tell her she has Madonna’s eyes, and regret the words the moment they tumble out of my mouth. ‘No,’ she snaps. ‘I have Courtney’s eyes. I think I’m fabulous, I can’t get enough of myself. But when I was 192lb I thought I was fabulous. I thought I still looked really hot.’

And, of course, she has to talk a bit about her strained relationship with her daughter Frances Bean, who she lost parental custody of in December of last year:

Courtney lost custody … and was banned last year from even contacting her daughter because a judge deemed her too unstable. Despite the ban, Courtney reportedly tweets her daughter many times a day. ‘She is going to be 18 on 15 August. Thank God, because then this whole palaver will be done. She lives in a mansion by herself. A 17-year-old getting $40,000 a month is outrageous to me, that’s on top of them paying for the mansion. She lives with her nanny, and Grandma Wendy and Kim [Kurt Cobain’s mother and sister] live two doors down, but there’s no drug testing going on. It’s a lot of money for a normal person. It’s enough money to kill her, if she is doing drugs, enough money to be gone by the time she’s 22… ‘I’ve been paying for Wendy’s upkeep and she wasn’t in Kurt’s will, but I really love Wendy and she was a terrible mother, but she is Frances’s grandmother. I bought her a house, I bought Kim a house, restaurants, fucking horses, and like 50 grand a month and I’m still paying it, by the way. Next thing you know it was Thanksgiving and my daughter had gone.’ Is this true? Who knows. Courtney’s lawyer once confirmed Cobain left money for the benefit of his wife, daughter, mother and siblings; where all that money has gone is anyone’s guess. Are they in touch, beyond the Twittering? ‘We don’t speak on the phone, but we went to court so that we could start this thing called Family Wizard where our e-mails are monitored, so there’s no restraining order any more.’ It must be heartbreaking. ‘Yeah. I bought her a Birkin for her 15th birthday.’ Did she appreciate it? ‘She damn well did!’ I read somewhere that Courtney wanted her daughter to be in her band. ‘No, I said that as a metaphor, that if she was in my band we would probably relate better, because I’m so maternal towards my bandmates. Frances is so beautiful, but she doesn’t want to be famous. She was offered the part of Bella in the Twilight movies, and Tim Burton wanted her for Alice in Wonderland. But she wants to go to college: she’s very good at graphic novels. Me and her dad, we used to communicate on our satchels with cartoons, we’d do cartoons of our love life… Frances will be fine, it’ll be fine. It’s very much about her trust fund, and they [the trustees] hate me.’

OY! Despite the craziness that comes out of C. Love’s mouth, I can’t help but be fascinated … I mean … wow. It sounds like when Frances turns 18 (and, can I just say how in the hell did Kurt Cobain’s baby girl grow up so fast?!) she’ll be in full control of her life, free of her mother’s influence … and maybe that’s a good thing. While I have serious doubts that Frances Bean was offered any roles in either Twilight or Alice in Wonderland (which just sounds like more of Courtney’s craziness), I do believe that Frances is an intelligent young woman with goals and aspirations for a semi-normal life. Frances will be Frances, Courtney will continue to be Courtney and hopefully they’ll be able to forge a somewhat happy relationship at some point.

[Photo credit: Diana Gomez; Source]

  • debho

    Good grief, reading that is like doing a cryptic crossword! lol She’s all over the place. The bit about Frances doing drugs alarmed me…she doesn’t do any does she? I haven’t read anything to confirm this or have I missed something? Surely with her parents’ drug history she would stay well away.

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  • she sounds like someone who speaks her fucking mind. that’s all. she doesn’t sound crazy or laced at all. she’s better than the people who walk around today saying nothing, or worse, only sugar coated, bland, thought out things. just because she talked off the top of her head doesn’t mean she deserves to be subject to such ridicule.