Another Britney Spears Album Rumor Hits The Internets


Despite the fact that earlier this week Britney Spears’s manager Adam Leber flat out DENIED that a new album was being released in a few weeks, a new rumor is going around that claims the opposite. To be honest, I don’t really believe this latest rumor … but, I’d hate myself if there was a grain of truth in the supposed deets and I didn’t share them with all y’all. Take the following information with a grain of salt because NONE of it has been officially confirmed and the deets themselves don’t make a whole lot of sense. Even still, they come from a fan site called Gimme Britney which correctly reported Britney’s last release (The Singles Collection) before it was officially announced. Here are the deets of the rumor that is going around:

Rumor has it the announcement of Britney’s new album is August 27th, the single comes out on September 7th and is titled: It’s A Secret

Album release scheduled for November 2nd. Are you rea9y?

On the one hand, the timing sounds right … Britney usually tends to release her albums in November. And, this rumor AND Leber’s denial could feasibly both be true … Leber’s comments could be a way to cool down rumors that an album is being released next month, knowing that the album is coming in November. I’m not really convinced by the supposed album title but … I’d take it if it turned out to be true. Again, all of this information is conjecture, pure and simple. Even still … I think it’s worth passing along … you know, just in case ;)

Fingers crossed :D


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  • D

    Ah ! If this is true, then I would be so thrilled. This would the fourth year in a row that she releases her lead single in September and just in time for my BDay ! That and the Britney-tribute episode of Glee ! I think Sept. 2010’s gonna be a great month for Britney fans in the US ! lol

  • Aislin

    ‘It’s a secret’ is allegedly the title of the single, not the album Trent

    @D it’ll be in time for my birthday too

  • SantaBarbaraBabe

    I hope and pray this is trueeee!


    Yeah, I read it as the title too. Also, if y’all remember when Britney answered all of those questions on Twitter a fan asked, “When does your new album come out?” and she said, “It’s a secret!” right?

  • justin

    @chase ahhhh! So freakin true dude! But I think she said its a surprise but o well this sounds hot!

  • mike

    I want to believe it sooo much. They also announced the australian leg of her tour before anyone and they do have some ties with sony, so please please please be true. I doubt that the single will be called its a secret, but eho knows

  • mikee

    yay cant wait not buying taylor swifts album unless i go back in time and become a 12 year old so i dont think brit has anything to worry about.

  • Cousin Henry

    kinda makes me sick to think another cd is coming out where she lip synches her way through concerts! Try out P!nk for the Real Deal!!!

  • liam

    cousin henry, STFU.

  • the popstar

    the album is coming, but not anytime soon. how do i know this you may ask, im recording a track with her now…
    the album is in NO WAY done, but its going to be a dance ish album again. expect britney and lady gaga sounding tracks with a little bit of electro pop.

  • Lilo lover

    Best Album Yet!? Check out this interview where Britney says Femme Fatale is her best album yet!

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