Jane Lynch Confirms That Britney Spears Will NOT Appear In Her Episode Of ‘Glee’


Bummer news to pass along … Jane Lynch has revealed that Britney Spears will NOT be appearing in the Britney Episode of Glee which the cast recently filmed. In addition, Lynch dishes on the general plot of the episode and clarifies, once and for all, the whole “head shaving” portion of the ep. Here are a couple photos of pop princess Britney Spears out and about in SoCal yesterday lookin’ faboo with her milkshake and the deets about the Britney Episode of Glee straight from Jane Lynch herself:

“Britney’s not in it,” Jane Lynch told reporters today at her wax figure unveiling at Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood. “It’s a tribute to her music.” Even though Spears herself will be absent from the episode, Lynch promises that tales from entertainer’s real life will be tied into the show’s storyline. “It’s kind of [about] how Matt [Morrisson]‘s character Mr. Schuster doesn’t see any value in her and the kids really do,” she says. “And at the end [of the episode], he comes around and he likes [her music] so much, he shaves his head.”

Dang … I was really hoping that our dear Britney was gonna make even a small cameo on the ep but, alas, I guess it just won’t happen — yet. Honestly, I’m still really excited for the ep because I know that Britney’s music on Glee is gonna be amazing. AND, just because Britney may not appear in this ep … there’s no reason not to believe that she won’t make an appearance on the show later on … maybe with Madonna? It could happen :D

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  • nicole

    well then if brits not in the episode…then im thinkin darkchild was wrong with “new” news. i mean the music has already been shot down..now this.

  • Jackie

    *sigh* I wish Glee would just stop with the guest stars/tribute episodes.

    • @Jackie — Um, they’ve only done one tribute ep.

  • Mandy

    I’m more concerned with Mr. Schu shaving his head…

  • Samantha

    They’ve only done one “tribute” episode, techinally. But they’ve done a few different themed ones (like the Lady Gaga ep), which people are already really sick of.

  • Trevor

    I actually think it’s better. I LOVE Brit, but in a tribute episode its nicer to just feel the essence of the artist, rather than see them.

    I don’t know if that made sense, but it’s what I feel haha.

  • Nick

    The Lady Gaga episode was more about the theme of embracing individuality than it was about her music – or her. I like that when they do focus on a certain ‘Artist’ they seem to do it for a reason – and not ‘just cuz’. I am excited about the Brit episode, more excited for Heather Morris to take a star turn, but we will see. And, I think Jane Lynch might have been channeling a little Sue Sylvester implying that Mr. Schuester shaves his head – she is always ragging on him about his curl. She is after all a comedienne first.

  • Tracy

    Yeah I am glad about that. In what world would Britney Spears go to a high school in Ohio? I am glad about her music, it should be a blast. But I don’t think I could handle seeing her weave in HD :-)

  • hailey

    wow britney is looking awesome recently… way better than in years!! what has she been doing?!

  • SantaBarbaraBabe

    Britney looks gorgeous in these pictures! :)

  • J

    Well the writer/creator or whoever he is said he is in talks this week to discuss with Britney and her camp to get her to appear in the episode.
    It just HIT me… even if they can’t fit Britney in for the whole episode, they could always do a little cameo.
    Hear this out…

    Britney appears as the School teacher/Principal from Baby One More Time – who Fe Fe (aka Felicia) her assistant – appears at the end of the music video.
    Does a little dance – acts as perhaps a relief teacher to fit the plot or something. Especially if they re-enact Britney in the class room or something.

  • K

    I just wish Glee and Britney would both just go away. Both are bloated and over rated.

  • CoCo

    All Glee stuff aside, let’s talk about Brit’s AWESOME legs! I’m pretty jealous… just sayin’!