Hot Dude Of The Week: A&F’s Justin Hopwood


It is that happy time of the week when we pause, once again, to gawk and gander at the Hot Dude of the Week. Today’s Hot Dude was photographed by famed photographer Bruce Weber and is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of the just relaunched Abercrombie & Fitch catalog called A&F Quarterly. Say hello to Hot Dude (once again) Justin Hopwood:

As you may recall, we learned last month that A&F was relauching their famed A&F Catalog on July 17 and Justin here is the catalog covermodel. This photo is featured among the many photos of scantily clad co-eds pepped thruout the publication meant to sell clothes … by featuring models NOT wearing the clothes. In all honesty, I love A&F Quarterly for what it is … a publication of beautiful photos shot by a hugely talented photographer that is very affordable. And if we get to check out a whole slew of Hot Dudes in the process, so be it! I’ve already picked up my copy of A&F Quarterly and I gotta say … it’s deffo worth checking out. Enjoy!

[Photo credit: Bruce Weber/A&F Quarterly; Source]

  • C-rex

    I was just scrolling through the page looking for another post about something entirely different, when I saw this hunk of man-meat! RRRRoouurrr! Anyways, at first glance, I thought it was Zac Efron (sp?) and nearly had a heart attack. =)

  • j

    thank you for posting a guy who looks doesn’t look like he’s on steroids. he’s so cute!