‘You Ever Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight’?


This past Tuesday I posted a story about an upcoming auction which will offer the purple and orange suit that Jack Nicholson wore in the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman … and it reminded me how much I loved that movie when it came out in the Summer of ’89. I was 15 years old and I was finally going to see my favorite superhero on the big screen … I was pretty much obsessed with the film and everything related to the film all Summer long. Last night, I busted out my Batman DVD and decided to watch the film again for old time’s sake:

Obviously now, in comparison to the blockbuster films that get released almost ever week these days, Batman looks a bit dated and feels a bit slow … but when it came out, it really set the world on fire. Batman launched the big movie franchise biz and set the stage for all the superhero films that followed. I uploaded the film to my iPhone and watched the entirety of the movie in bed … which is such a marvel considering I was reminded that my friends and I had to camp out for movie tickets to see the film at midnight and then had to get to the theater early to find a good seat. If memory serves, the cineplex showed the film in 4 different theaters which were packed to the gills … there were people sitting on the floor in the aisles. I saw that movie many times in the theater that Summer and then wore out the VHS once it became available. I also LOVED the Prince soundtrack that accompanied the film, despite the fact that I always felt that Prince’s music wasn’t really well-suited for Tim Burton’s vision of Batman. But, yeah, Prince’s song Batdance was my JAM!

I used to watch MTV with the VCR set to record on pause so that I could quickly record the video as soon as it began to play (I used to do the same for the Paula Abdul music videos that came out in 1989, 1990 but that’s another story for another day). I managed to upload all of the Batman films to my iPhone … yes, including the horrid ones made by Joel Schumacher. Batman Returns is prolly my all-time fave Batman film, to be honest. Until The Dark Knight came out in 2008, it was the darkest and truest version of Batman on the big screen. I’m looking forward to watching all the films again … I have a long history with Batman. I’m glad I can look back and relive that history in the palm of my hand.

Not sure what is going on today … David and I are planning to meet up with Darion for dinner … should be fun. Hope your weekend is awesome!

  • KellyK.

    Trent, we have to be about the same age. Because I SO used to watch MTV all day with my VCR on pause waiting to record my favorite videos. (Ya know, back when they played videos.) Have a great weekend!

    • @KellyK. — Sigh, those were the good ol’ days … weren’t they?

  • Josh

    I gotta second on the MTV thing. I remember sitting through videos I hated just to tape my all time fav Janet Jackson. Thanks for helping me remember that, good times. Oh MTV how I hate what you’ve become.

  • mendy

    Yes, it seems cheesy now, but I loved the original Batman movie! I became a lil obsessed with it….and I had the coolest Batman hoop earrings!

  • Carrie

    I guess the museum scene is my favorite. It’s funny that we all used to record videos when they’re now at our fingertips. Yay! I love the future!

  • newsgrrl

    Just singin’ with the choir :P Thanks for the reminder of this soundtrack…. I remember when I bought it – will have to download it again :)

  • spooky

    Yeah I still have like 10+ VHS tapes full of music videos. I would love to watch thru them one day but I don’t currently own a VCR!! lol

  • Lindsey

    Trent, I thought I was weird because I upload movies on my Iphone and watch them in bed all the time!! I have trouble sleeping and it really helps, plus it doesn’t bother the hubby.

  • Cloud

    Funny, i thought the Dark Knight was more of a Nolan film about the Joker than a Batman film. It was a good movie but it lacks the Batman feel to it.