‘SAW 3D’ Releases More Motion Poster Artwork


Last week we got to see a very fun, very inventive 3D motion poster for the upcoming 7th SAW film titled SAW 3D. As you may recall, we also learned last week that SAW 3D will be the final installment of the SAW movie franchise … but it was the motion poster that really caught my eye. Today we get to see another motion poster for SAW 3D … this one professes to be mind-blowing:

Tobin Bell is back (somehow) in Saw 3D, and this exclusive first look at the groovy motion poster is here to prepare us to have our minds blows. At San Diego Comic-Con we reported how the Saw franchise was dubbed the “most successful horror franchise” by the Guinness Book of World Records. This proves we’re not the only ones who equate the onset of Autumn’s cool breeze with changing leaves, pumpkin pie and the diobolical traps laid out for (mostly) deserving victims of the Saw films. All good things must come to an end, however, and the Saw films intend to go out with not only a bang, but a trans-planar leap into three dimensional space … Saw 3D is out in theaters on October 29.

After the jump, check out the movie poster above in motion …

So cool, I really love motion posters. To be honest, I think I prefer the eye-popping poster we saw last week to this one but this mind-blowing poster is very cool as well. I would love to see more 3D motion posters for SAW 3D in the coming weeks … I wonder what other body parts they might animate in future motion posters … any guesses?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    LOL Trent, I was going to say I think I like this one more.

  • I suspect next will be “Ear-Splitting”