Chelsea Clinton Enjoys Her Last Days Of Singledom

Tries to fly under the radar

Chelsea Clinton, the only begotten child of US President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, is about to get hitched to her fiancée and longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky this coming Saturday and was spotted running around NYC taking care of a few last minute things before her big day this weekend. It appears that Chelsea tried to run her errands in disguise but nothing draws attention to someone trying to appear invisible than a long black trench coat and matching black hat:

It’s so strange to think that the former first daughter who we watched grow up in the White House thruout the 90′s is ready to be a bride. I always thought that maybe she might make a run for public office at some point in her life so maybe getting married is the first step towards that goal. Whatever the future holds for her professionally, I sincerely hope her personal life is filled with nothing but bliss and happiness. I also hope she decides to ditch the silly disguise as the week progresses … the media is going to be on her 24/7 until she gets hitched, there’s no sense in trying to disappear now.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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  1. DJ Vegas

    Where in the world is Chelsea San Diego? ;)

  2. Roberto she talking “incognito” tips from Inspector Gadget? Wtf, lol!

  3. Siobhan

    It has been in the 90s and extremely humid in NYC so, yeah, no way was that disguise going to work. She definitely got a few looks just from wearing a coat alone, aside from who she is.

  4. wiggy

    i have to say, i am about the same age as chelsea clinton, and thus was a 10-18 year old girl during the same time as she was, and that poor girl got so TROUNCED by people and the media. it’s just great to see her happy, loved and a gorgeous, blushing bride.

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