McFly Does ‘Attitude’ Magazine


British boyband McFly are featured on the cover and in the pages of the gay UK magazine Attitude. Now, to my knowledge, none of the boys in McFly are gay but they do seem to be very fond of catering to their gay fans by appearing in gay publications as if it were no big thing. Here is McFly’s hot new coverphoto for Attitude magazine:

I am really impressed that the boys in McFly are so at ease with themselves that they have no qualms at all about posing in a magazine like Attitude. When some celebs would shy away completely from having any association with gay publications, McFly are happy to do whatever they can for their adoring fans. If that means posing in a hawt shoot in the pages of Attitude mag, then so be it. After the jump, check out some of the photos of McFly in this new issue of Attitude

Cheeky monkeys! Now, I have to say … I’m not a big fan of McFly’s music but they’ve deffo caught my attention here and there. This photospread has to be their best yet. Wee! They look great, no?

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