First Look: Chris Evans As Captain America


Over the weekend we got to see some great new footage from upcoming films like The Avengers and Green Lantern unveiled at 2010 San Diego Comic-Con but right now we get to see a bit of a reveal from another upcoming film, Captain America: The First Avenger. As you may recall, early last month we got our first look at the official concept art for the Captain America uniform that will featured in the film but the folks at Marvel saved the first look at Chris Evans in costume as Capt. America for Comic-Con:

Marvel Studios brought more than was expected at San Diego Comic Con 2010 … “Captain America” started the panel with a footage introduced by producer Kevin Feige. Since they just started filming the movie earlier this month, there were not many scenes seen in the sneak peek. The snippet which features text narration about the story background, however, offers a look at Chris Evans as the titular character. Director Joe Johnston, and the film’s cast such as Evans and Hugo Weaving then joined Feige on the stage. They answered some questions from fans and the producer took a change to explain that Captain America suit seen in the footage was just a “test version of the suit.” Another footage from the film was brought forward, this time has more real scenes from the movie. It sees a scene where a group of Nazis tries to open a tomb in the center of a room before Red Skull arrives. As they manage to open the tomb, Red Skull takes a cube called Tesseract from the ancient skeleton and breaks it. He, apparently, looks for something more as he removes a small box coiled with golden serpents.

I understand the highlight of the Captain America footage shown at Comic-Con this weekend was the quick glimpse at Chris Evans in costume as the Capt. … which we get to check out right now. After the jump, get your first look at Evans as Captain America

It may not be a great first look but it’s deffo a serviceable tease for what’s to come. I have to say, I have very fond memories of the 1979 version of Captain America starring Reb Brown … but I think Chris Evans will make a great Cappy. I’ll need to see more footage of Evans as Captain America because I still see him as Johnny Storm from Fantastic 4. With time and as more of the movie gets filmed, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more great footage. I really can’t wait to see more.


  • Rich

    The Capt? Cappy? Goes to show how little you have actually read Captain America as he’s never referred to by these terms. Basic stuff really.

  • Zach


  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    I think the suit looks mighty fine on him even thou the only suit I would prefer him to be in, is his birthday suit!! YUMMO!

  • Brendan

    They should’ve redesigned the Captain America costume to show more flesh. Just for Chris Evans. Gawd, I could just gnaw on him…


    Dislike! The costume looks really bulky. Ew

  • Jess

    Chris Evans, yum…truly truly, just…yummy!

  • Wayne Martin

    Does the flying dirt effectively make you think “Ah, it’s set in WWII,” or does it just make you wonder why Cap’s so somber while artillery explodes?!

  • doordietv

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