Robert Pattinson Spotted In The Company Of An Older Woman


Robert Pattinson, who has temporarily relocated here in SoCal so that he can film his new movie Water for Elephants, was spotted out on a movie date with an older woman in Malibu, CA this weekend … and the older woman was his mother! Here are a couple of cute pics of R. Pattz and his mother Clare as they made their way out of an afternoon showing of Salt:

No matter how big a star you are, there is one person you should always make time for: Your mother. Robert Pattinson sticks to this rule, and spent some quality time with his mother Clare in Malibu. With girlfriend Kristen Stewart away preparing for her new film … Rob was in need of a date for a trip to the cinema. Dressed down denim in shorts and a grey jumper, his proud mother laughed as Rob was besieged by female fans as they left the cinema after watching Angelina Jolie’s new thriller Salt. The Twilight actor, in his trademark casual clothing and baseball cap, happily chatted to the fans. Ever the gentleman, Rob made sure his mother wasn’t overlooked, including her in the conversation.

Aww, you can tell that Roberto is a good boy. I’m sure his mother is really proud of him … and can I just say how much I love that Rob and his mom went on a movie date together. They both look so unassuming, which is really refreshing when you consider how rich he is. I hope he manages to keep it real for the rest of his career. What is it about British boys and manners? They really know how to raise ‘em right over in England, don’t they?

UPDATE: According to a few Pink readers, the woman in these photos with Rob is not his mother Clare but his manager Stephanie. It’s a shame because this story would be so much cuter if it really was his mum.

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  • Lea

    Umm…That’s not Rob’s mom, that is his agent Stephanie.

  • plink

    i’m sure there are times when he knows he has to behave, but i have friends who work at the standard and said he came in last friday, was incredibly rude to all the waitstaff, and walked out on his bill. on purpose. it’s so disappointing because he always seems so charming in interviews. maybe he needs to brush up on his “british” manners.

  • ashley

    Yeah @Lea is right, that’s definitely his agent, lol.

  • cris

    @plink-stop making up stories, we know it’s a load of crap…& the older woman is not his mom BTW, it’s his agent-get your facts right!

  • plink

    @cris – what exactly would i get out of making something like that up? i’m just relaying information my friends who work there and waited on him told me. i’ve always loved rob, it’s just sad when stars think they can act like that and their behavior is automatically excused, that’s all. sheeeeesh.

  • CelLeb

    plink is a Kristen Stewart fan who is trying to badmouth Robert Pattinson. You see, her fans are mad that he isn’t going to see her in Canada while she always stalks him.

    How about this?
    He is not dating her and it’s all PR.

  • I like to see Rob no matter where he is and no matter whom he is with! I wish it had been his mom though, because that would have been so sweet. It would have also been nice if he had had his girlfriend with him as well… Whom ever she might be.

  • Aislin

    ‘we know how to raise them right’ tcheh! In the right areas maybe, over here the rules are simple, if you’re born in a bad area you’re just as chavvy and as rough as any other street kid.

    Rob, Daniel, Emma etc all came from good areas and good families. Good for them. But walk around the streets of yorkshire and I promise you, you won’t see anything like ‘manners’

  • diadema

    really really misinformed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    his agent not his MUM!!!!!!!
    Stupid people

  • Tracy

    Yeah! That is is agent not his Mum.

  • Tracy

    Correction…my “h” didn’t work. I met to say…. That is his agent not his Mum.

  • heather

    that’s how a hollywood agent dresses to go to the movies in LA? i must watch too much entourage ;)

  • LISA L

    OMG- the comments on this post makes me laugh. Remind me never to piss of Rob fans. Mum. Agent. Whatever.

  • gracy

    Check it out!
    Rob Pattinson: HA, I was right! Leave him alone.

  • mer

    I knew that wasn’t his mother because both his parents were with him at the Leno show and she looks nothing like this woman. Get your facts straight before you try to make a big deal out of RP going to a movie with an “older woman”. No wonder RP gets so sick of dealing with the press. Most of the stuff that is printed is fabricated. Don’t believe anything you read and most of what you see because many times it’s all wrong. Just like this load of BS. I’ve seen RP on lots of talk shows and interviews and he seems like a good guy; respectful of his family and with a great sense of humor, but he’s only human and I’m sure gets tired of people bugging him all the time. If he walked out of a restaurant without paying he probably didn’t even get a chance to eat his meal without being badgered to death, or there was another type of problem. It’s not like he can’t afford to pay . COME ON! You people are ridiculous.

  • jen

    He is so damn cute.

  • boobyhead

    all i know is that this female needs an extreme makeover!

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