Marc Jacobs & Lorenzo Martone ARE Dunzo After All


It would seem that the torrid on-again-off-again-married-again-off-again-on-again relationship between fashion designer Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend/husband/whatever Lorenzo Martone is off again. As you may recall, Marc and Lorenzo got “married” (or whatever) in St. Bart’s back in January but there were rumors that the couple had split up going around back in April. In May we were assured that the couple were still together and that was the last we heard … until now. Lorenzo Martone has confirmed to the world on his official Twitter profile that he and Marc have, indeed, split up for good:

Apparently, Lorezno could not remain quiet any longer and finally responded to all the messages he’s been getting about his relationship with Marc. According to Martone, the couple have been dunzo for the past 2 months!

Now, 2 months ago was May … when we were “assured” that the couple were still together. I guess they really weren’t and were just trying to keep the news under wraps. Well, the secret’s out now … and it’s a damn shame. I really liked Marc and Lorenzo together but, alas, I suppose it wasn’t meant to be. I guess this may be the last time we ever hear from Lorenzo Martone again … which is another damn shame. Ah well … c’est la vie.


  • Zazu Pittz

    Lorenzo WHO?