Jones Soda Releases ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Soda


Great news Buffy fans, Jones Soda has just announced the release of an amazing new line of their delicious soda drinks (Buffy’s Blue Bubblegum, Willow’s Green Apple Witch’s Brew, Giles’s Grape Potion and more) made in honor of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comic book series. The soda drinks were unveiled at 2010 San Diego Comic-Con this week but they have also been made available for purchase by those of us who are not at Comic-Con this year. Here is what the Buffy Soda bottles will look like and some deets about the drinks themselves:

Jones Soda, purveryors of fine fantasy-themed beverages, such as Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering sodas (ahh! The taste of carbonated red mana!) have got a new vampiric brew on tap for you here at San Diego Comic-Con. Starting tomorrow morning, look for Jones Soda trucks driving around the Gaslamp district, dispensing Buffy The Vampire Slayer soda! … For more info on these beverages straight out of the Sunnydale High cafeteria vending machine, head to Jones Soda’s official site.

LOL!! How awesome is this? If HBO’s True Blood can offer their own themed drink called Tru Blood then why can’t Buffy the Vampire Slayer have its own line of drinks? I’ve already placed my order for 2 packs of 12 bottles of this delicious-looking stuff … that way, I can drink some and save a few bottles for posterity. Yes, I know, I’m crazy ;) Are any of y’all planning on wrapping your lips around a Buffy Bot-tle of soda pop?

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  • This is amazing. Would make a fantastic Christmas present for my sister…gonna order some!

  • MattyWorth

    I love Jones Soda (Seattle, represent!) and now I love them even more — especially for the succinctly-named “Dawn’s a Centaur! Root Beer”. XD

  • Andrew

    I already bought 2 – 12 packs as well!!!! LOL I love this, so amazing! Thank you for posting Trent!

  • KJM

    Funny – the green apple soda was packed in Toronto last October as Toxic Avenger Green for the musical’s premiere complete with similar comic book graphics (production was so slow they didn’t hot local shelves until after the show had closed 3 months later)

  • Mackenzie

    Thanks for posting this! I love that you are a Buffy fan like myself!