Joe Manganiello Does ‘Muscle & Body’ Magazine


True Blood newbie Joe Manganiello, who plays hottie werewolf Alcide this season, is featured in the new issue of Muscle & Body magazine. Manganiello was photographed for the mag by Cory Sorensen and, as you can see from the following photo, he is the PERFECT candidate for the pages of Muscle & Body:

I believe the word you are looking for is Woof! We still have to wait a couple weeks until this issue of Muscle & Body hits newsstands but because I love you all, you can check out one more photo of Joe Manganiello showing off his muscles and his bod after the jump …

Man, oh, man … did they do a great job of casting Joe as Alcide on True Blood or what? I’d love to see more, oh yes I would ;)

[Photo credit: Cody Sorensen; Source]

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  1. nicole

    helllllllllllo joe.
    but..he looks better on tv then in pictures imo.

  2. DJ Vegas

    @ Nicole – I feel ya. There is something about that man in motion. WOOF indeed!!!

  3. RR

    Wow! Just wow. :D

  4. Jacqui

    Well Gah Damn! I agree though that he looks better on the show. While these pictures are great of his bod, they don’t really do his face justice. In the show you can capture the whole Chris Cornell on roids effect. Mouth wattering.

  5. Jim Cruise

    This totally made my weekend. Can’t wait until Sunday.

  6. Krissy

    He is a good looking man…but something about the way he talks just ruins it for me! It is probably his character, but…he just sounds kind of dumb when he talks. His acting skills seem out of place compared to the rest of the True Blood cast.

  7. laina


  8. sharon

    WOOF! WOOF! [panting panting]

    Have you seen this Joe Manganiello video interview? SO HOT!

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