It’s Official: Joss Whedon To Direct ‘The Avengers’


Director Joss Whedon and producer JJ Abrams confirmed yesterday news that was pretty much common knowledge for the past few months despite the lack of official confirmation — Whedon will be directing the big screen adaptation of the Marvel comic book series The Avengers. Joss and JJ took to the stage together at 2010 San Diego Comic-Con at The Avengers panel to officially announce Whedon’s involvement in the film, much to fans’ extreme glee:

Joss Whedon announced today that he’s officially directing The Avengers, while on stage with J.J. Abrams at San Diego’s Comic-Con. He joked that Marvel didn’t have enough money for a real press release, so he took it up himself to confirm previous reports that he was in talks to direct the film. When pressed for further details, he said that it was way too early to reveal anything. The news isn’t exactly surprising, but still it’s good to have final confirmation on the matter. As a Whedon fan, I’m excited to see what he can do with the material. Whedon mentioned that he was a huge fan of early Avenger’s comics while growing up, and he seemed understandably excited and humbled at having the opportunity to direct the film.

The fantastic Joss Whedon fan site Whedonesque was at The Avengers panel at Comic-Con yesterday and they provided a tweet-by-tweet rundown on their Twitter profile of what was said by Joss Whedon on stage. After the jump, read some of the quotes attributed to Whedon during yesterday’s Comic-Con panel discussion …

“Can I make that an official thing? I am directing THE AVENGERS!” – Joss / “My dad came home with a bunch of Spidey comics and I was like ‘Sure, hand your kid meth!'” -Joss / “it’s a little early, I am still writing an outline and reworking it.” – Joss #TheAvengers / “What interested me is these people (Avengers) shouldn’t be in the same room as one another & that to me is the definition of family.”-Joss

I absolutely suggest you follow Whedonesque on Twitter for all things Whedon … they do a fantastic job. Joss talked about more than just The Avengers yesterday … head over to Whedonesque’s Twitter profile HERE for a full rundown of everything he talked about yesterday. Altho the news wasn’t at all surprising, it is really fantastic to have official confirmation.

Now we just have to wait until 2012 … heaven help me!

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  • J

    Oh this man is amazing. We are definitely honoured to have him walk this planet and create the things he has.
    On one hand, I’m glad he is directing this – could you ask for a more talented director? It also puts his name out there even further to those who are unknown of him. His name may not be huge, but his creations definitely are.
    BUT on the other hand, I can tell this will keep him preoccupied for quite a while and I would really like to see another TV series of his creation…. OR…

    Firefly, take two? OR Serenity 2?
    I’m def. a Firefly fan when it comes to Whedon and that teaser picture the other week def. made me get a little toooooo over excited.

    Ah well, Whedon is quite great with ensembles. So i think Marvel are in great hands with The Avengers. I just hope the actors/characters can relate to him as the director. For example, Downey Jnr and the actors reprising their roles from other Marvel movies. Ob. we cant judge Thor or Capt. America and those actors under the direction of their directors just yet and Avengers is still quite some time away… all in good time right?
    But yeah this is just too good to be true. Whedon will an almost unlimited budget and creative control (I presume, who wouldn’t give it to him). He truly deserves it.

  • Janelle

    @J – I hate to say it, but I don’t think another take on Firefly would… well, fly. It wouldn’t be the same at all. Too many great characters took their death and creating another set of characters for the same setting may sound fantastic but wouldn’t reflect well on paper. It’s best as a cult classic.
    Absolutely cannot wait for the Avengers. This is one Marvel movie i WILL see.