First Look: Christina Aguilera, ‘You Lost Me’


Christina Aguilera, who released her new album Bionic last month, has just released a music video for her second single titled You Lost Me. In a complete 180 shift from her over-the-top and purposely outrageous video for her first single Not Myself Tonight, You Lost Me is a pared down ballad video that focuses more on Xtina the singer rather than the Xtina the sexy minx:

Arguably the best song on the record, You Lost Me is a painful song about betrayal, loss and the sad end of a loving relationship. It is one of those songs that pretty much everyone can identify with on some level, sung in the classic Xtina style. After the jump, check out the video for You Lost Me in full …

As much as I love the upbeat, driving pop jams, I think Xtina is at her best when the focus is on her singing rather than what ever shocking images she conjures up for attention. Bionic is honestly one of my fave Xtina albums so I’m very bummed that it’s not getting the attention and recognition that it deserves … I’ve been loving the album since its release. I’m not sure if You Lost Me is the kind of song that will catch on as a huge Summer hit but I hope it is able to make more people pay attention to Xtina’s new album. There is some great stuff on there, evident from this beautiful and plaintive ballad.


  • Denise

    Love it.

  • lval

    love her…love the new album.

  • Vanessa

    She should stick to this style of herself. Seems much more natural to her than the whips, chains and latex.

  • allison


  • Meg

    Beautiful. It’s a relief to see her still singing songs like this.

  • XadaX

    I love you Trent for loving my Bionic.

  • Amazing video!

  • Britt/Xtina Fan

    Love the song but the video looks like it had a budget..If you don’t sell Cds the Label want put out the money for a Album that failing..Christina should have recorded the single her label said was a huge it..If her Cd doesn’t start selling this will probably be her last video off Bionic..To Bad its a great album…I guess we want here from her again untill she’s 34 .

  • Juneh

    I love that song! (Kinda hate the album, I think stripped is her best :D)

  • J

    I believe Xtina is good when she steps into an ‘alter-ego’ or a look. Back to Basics is probably her best work so far. No one can really catch the soul and vibe of the era’s she honoured in that album. NO ONE! Her sounds, image, lyrics… everything was spot on and perfect.
    It definitely showed off her classic voice aswell. Whilst I havent heard EVERY track off Bionic, what i’ve heard i’ve liked. Its great. She really is a rare talent who can and does successfully transform herself. Whilst her sales may be lower than expected, she still successfully captured the electronic vibe she was going for. Better than a lot of other artists anyway.

    Im sick of the Gaga comparisons aswell. If people actually listened to the album it sounds nothing like Gaga anyway… besides, Gaga sounds like everyone else. Shes not original with her music.

    You Lost Me has got to be her best ballad since Beautiful. It shows off her magnificent vocal skills. There is seriously no one with a greater voice in the this modern day pop world. Its so powerful and raw and so distinctive. She out-yelps the industry!

  • Diego

    Omg! Amazing video! the song is fantastic Xtina is the best singer! and look beautiful! she transmit all the felling! Gorgeous! :)

  • SantaBarbaraBabe

    I have to agree, this video and song is great. Very reminiscent of the girl I used to like.


    I love the album! It’s all GaGa’s fault, really. I hope GaGa gets bitch slapped with karma ’cause she deserves it! ; ) Anyways, I like the song but her face looks…weird. It looks boated and that hair color! OY. The music video is fine, but I had a way better premise to be honest.

  • heather

    Overall, I like it… some good and some not-so-good tho:

    Good — the song is beautiful, musically speaking, and she sings it fantastically. I’ve always appreciated that she actually can SING unlike so many of the pop stars these days.

    Good — the video is simple, meaningful, and potent. I love that they don’t even show the man’s face when he’s trying to pick her up. Great imagery and metaphors.

    Good — her face seems a little chubbier than we’ve seen lately… and she’s stunningly beautiful like that. Nice to see big stars who don’t look like anorexic sticks.

    Less good — some of the lyrics are kind of cheesy, like they make a good rhyme and have the right meaning, but not very poetic in a way that would suit the song.

    Less good — the meter of the song is not clear in the first verse. When the extra instrumentation comes in in the second verse, you can hear that it’s 6/8. I’d heard the first verse as being completely 3/4. It needs just a LITTLE emphasis on the 4th 8th note somehow in order to make that clear. Of course that’s only a real issue on the first listen or two, but it is a weakness in the arrangement.

    Less good — why on earth did she randomly take off her shirt? The scene changes right after that, there are no ‘sexy shots’ (or really any shots at all) of her without the shirt, so it seems really random and pointless.

  • nicole

    love it…its just what it needed to be…simple and tragic. its perfect…and i love that the video doesnt feature the “radio mix” i hate that they screwed with the song for the radio.
    BUT i wish they waited on this song – i know they had to put out a song that was getting alot of talk..and this is the best song on the album…but i think something like ‘I Hate Boys’ would have been perfect for the summer…and follow with this song.

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  • allison

    I totally agree. Focus on the singing and you “will always come out the one that’s on top.” Great workout album!

  • Francisco

    The video, song, and her album are pure perfection. The vocals on this track are superb. A simply beautiful video for a great flawless track. A+ in my book. Bionic definitely one of the best albums this year. My girl just took a shit all over the other chicks in the game.

  • hailey

    she looks sooo beautiful! i love the song it’s just the kind you can play 10 years down the road.. and it’ll still be beautiful.

  • Krissy

    Chase, you think Gaga needs to be “bitch slapped” because she is successful?? I don’t think Christina would appreciate people being so clearly envious on her behalf. Both women are talented and can be successful…no one said it has to be only one or the other.

  • Amanda

    It is a good song and she sings it beautifully. I do wish she would have given it a little more humph in the end though. I keep anticipating her really giving her all at the end, but it doesn’t happen. Anyway, I hope this is enough to redeem herself a little after the train-wreck of the first video. Stripped is still her best album, but Bionic isn’t as awful as the critics make it out to be. I hope she releases I Hate Boys next.


    Floptina has a horrible personality and always imitates others.. Nobody respects her.. That’s why whatever she does, nobody will pay attention to her.. She is just a wannabe of Britney/GaGa and she always disses others..

  • nounou

    it’s a beautiful song i just love it wawwwwww

  • ana

    Hey Floptina: get a life.

    The Vid is beautiful as well as her voice. She’s an integral artist, this time her sells were bad but that doesn’t count the quality of the album. Bionic is an awesome album Imo. It makes me feel sad that nowadays people prefer mediocre albums over albums like Bionic.